One of these days…

Eventually, I’m going to really surprise myself. I’m going to sit down to knit – expressly, to do a provisional cast on and start a piece of lace. I’m going to like the very first set of stitches I put on the needle. Then I will start knitting and realize at the end of the first full repeat that I didn’t frog the thing at all. It might just be worthy of being classified as a miracle when that happens.

My Capelet

This little fantasy occurs to me today, because I finished the main body of the lace capelet I’m knitting for myself. That meant I earned the right to start the knitted on border. Now this would technically be the fourth time I’ve started a piece of lace, and I’ve spent an awful lot of hours over the past 3 months knitting on same, so I’ve started feeling pretty competent on simple to intermediate work. Surely this time I would cast on and just zip right along that edge with no problems. After all, this border isn’t enough different from the scarf to even be a challenge, and it actually looks easier. Needless to say, it wasn’t to be. I don’t know if Murphy might actually have been a lace knitter, but I’m starting to suspect that if not, he at least had one somewhere in his life. Since I was so determined to do this right the first time, I was paying extra close attention – as in, I didn’t even have an audiobook playing. Still, I found myself with a less than amusing assortment of mistakes and enough frogging to lose count of the restarts. I guess the two good things here are that I’m getting seriously good at provisional cast ons with all the practice, and whereas it took me three nights to get the first point on the scarf, it took me under two hours to accomplish that feat on the capelet.

It doesn’t look like 2 hours!

Since I was working a point in just under 15 minutes by the time I was finishing the scarf, I maintain high hopes for this new edging.

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