My feet have been reminding me for the last week or two that they have been sorely neglected of late. They were right; they were long overdue for my version of a pedicure. However, even the thought of sitting trapped in one spot with my feet in a tub of hot water makes me antsy, especially when that spot is the edge of the bathtub. There are plenty other things I’d rather be doing – like knitting… Wait! There’s that sock I’ve been looking for excuses to work on… Yes!!! When that thought came to me, my attitude suddenly did an about face, and I almost ran to the bathroom for a soak! While I sat there knitting happily, adding the challenge of keeping all five needles and my yarn ball out of the water as I crossed 12 cables every other row, I thought what a difference a change in perspective can make. I’d just turned a seriously disliked chore into something I didn’t want to stop doing!

I have to confess that I love the way this sock looks. The colors are awesome, the texture is delicious, and other than discovering I don’t really like the “cable back” rows, I’m finding it to work up pretty quickly. I really wondered during the experimental stage. First I tried using a magic loop, but I just wasn’t happy with it – at least not for the ribbing section. Since I only have one size 3 circular needle, working on two circs was out, but then DPNs (double pointed needles) really don’t intimidate me, so that was my easy solution. Then I got to the pattern rows, which said to move to size 7’s. Uh-oh! No DPN’s in that size… don’t like magic loop… only one set of tips for circulars… It was not the most fun to knit 30 stitches, change my tips, knit 30 more, change my tips… Sock laid dormant until I could get to Dayton – which for some reason made that drive a lot more attractive than usual.

So, back to the foot soaking. I finished the leg portion sitting there, totally pleased with my accomplishment. It would have been difficult not to enjoy this delightful tube of 240 squishy, glowing cable crosses!

Mountain Colors sock leg

Waking up this morning was exciting. I’ve taken to knitting for about a half hour while I clear out the sleep cobwebs, and today I was turning the heel. It was no time before the magic was accomplished, and I couldn’t wait to try on my wonderful half of a sock.

Anticipation is often better than reality.

I was a good girl – really! The instructions said to swatch in stockinette with #4 needles. I was right on with the stitch count, but rather baffled about using a needle size not employed during the actual knitting and swatching on something other than the pattern stitch, but since this was my first sock, I was following blindly. The sad reality is that although I did get it on my foot, it was only by digging my fingernails into the stitches and eeking it over my instep a few millimeters at a time. It wasn’t hard to decide that wasn’t a favored way to put my socks on with any degree of regularity. I think I sat and looked at it in serious emotional pain for about as long as I’d spent knitting today, but no amount of prayer was going to change the fact that the pattern stitch worked up at 8.5spi, and it just wasn’t right.

One of my more lucid thoughts during that time was that I could put in a steek and zipper…

I should have plenty of time to meditate on how my perspective has changed in regards to those 240 perfect little cable crosses while I’m frogging them…

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