Itchy, itchy, scratchy, scratchy…

I went to Dayton Monday to attend my first meeting of the Dayton Knitting Guild. This also gave me an excuse to pick up some felting supplies I needed for a class I’m taking online. (Somehow or other, a few balls of yarn followed me home, too…)

It followed me home

I realized late Sunday night that I was actually going somewhere that I could not only knit, but would be expected to knit – followed by the acute realization that I had nothing that was suitable to work on in that atmosphere. I knew I couldn’t follow a pattern in a busy new environment, and no way was I going to try turning my first sock heel anywhere that I could be seen crying in the event of a worst case scenario. That meant I was actually forced to cast on a new project. (Hear me whining? I faked that pretty well, didn’t I?)

I chose to try the charity blanket route again – and this time chose something that won’t self-macrame. There is no way I’m going to be able to trick Gregg into doing yarn duty on a second one of those. I have 3 fat balls of Red Heart in a bright primary print that seemed perfect. It’s cute enough to foster it, but no way would I be tempted to file for adoption. After swatching, I cast on 101 stitches and am just working a straight seed stitch until I’m out of yarn. That moment can’t come quickly enough! It’s bright and cheerful. The pattern is simple, works quickly, looks good. But I’m spoiled! I’ve spent so much time this past year with merino and other wools that I’ve gotten spoiled rotten. In short, I’ve apparently become somewhat of a yarn snob, much to my surprise. I’m not sure when it happened. I grew up thinking wool was scratchy and nasty, but so far, I’ve not met a wool yarn anywhere that’s as scratchy as this Red Heart worsted feels to me. Did the yarn change or did I? If I’m going to continue doing the charity knitting, I’m going to have to give some serious consideration to what yarn I buy or what projects I support. I know I saw somewhere that actually requires wool yarn to be used…

Acrylic yarn is requested for many charity items because of concerns about washability and possible allergies. Actually, very few people are really “allergic” to wool, but the processing can cause problems for many. I found this great page about wool allergies. Not only does it tell what causes irritation with wool, but it has the greatest hypertext links to pictures of various sheep breeds. Somehow I’ve lived half of a century without realizing that a sheep isn’t just a sheep – and some of them are sure to make a person laugh out loud!

Did I mention that there were vendors at the Guild meeting?

Did I mention

And do I have to confess that a… umm… few things came in the mail, too? This is from a fantastic Etsy seller, who had the stuff to me so fast that I couldn’t figure out where it came from! I wasn’t expecting it already. Her name is FearlessFibers and she does hand-dyed yarn, including oodles of squeezable superwash merino, and beautiful, thick, aromatic cedar sock blockers.

Fearless Fibers

And if you are counting, yes… that is 5 pairs of socks, a scarf, and a couple of baby hats that just infiltrated my stash – less than 24 hours before I frogged my first sock. Let’s just say I better get this sock thing worked out!

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