Knit and Not

I’ve realized this week that the more I have to blog about, the less time I have to blog. This translates into “I’ve had quite the week!”

It started out with the blizzard last weekend – a term not loosely employed. Here we are, comfortably into March, and for the first time in the 25 years we’ve lived here, the National Weather Service issued a legitimate blizzard warning for our county. We didn’t get as much snow as the next real town to the north of us, but it was enough – with the obligatory wind and biting cold. We’ve not had much of a real winter here, but now that it’s in its death throes, it apparently has decided to make a bit of a fuss. One good thing is that it was so bitterly cold that the flakes were quite small and dry. They didn’t hang in the branches and prune the trees for us, but they did make some lovely drifts.

Blizzard down the street Snow in the bushes

(Remember, all pix enlarge with a click.)

Once the worst of things had settled, Hitty Darlene was eager to go exploring the marshmallow fluff world outdoors, and she had a lovely time of it.

Hitty D and snowbank Hitty D’s snowman

Other excitement has been as diverse as a trip to the dentist, getting into a great workshop for which I’d been waitlisted (and needing to obtain supplies post haste), and being invited by a friend to go on a special cruise (complete with research and decision making, and registering before the Saturday cut off), which will fill one of my 100 Things to Do Before I Die dreams. I’m absolutely convinced that 2008 is not going to be a boring year, and to this point in time, I’ve only had maybe one or two days that could even begin to wear that description.

On the knitting front, progress continues everywhere and then some, as I flit amongst four very active projects, depending on the amount of time available and my ability to concentrate. I have started to work the lace on the next to last scallop on my capelet, then it’s the rush up the side and across the top, then done. Goal was to have it ready to take to Monday night’s meeting, but I’m questioning the likelihood at this point. It’s addictive, as is Outlander, which is my current audiobook, reserved only to be read while knitting, but I have to do other things occassionally, too, like my commission project, which had to be started over, as I wasn’t at all happy with it the first time.

My first sock is inching steadily down the sole to the toe, but I only put four rows a day on that, so it’s slow going. At least it fits this time. This photo was taken about 3 inches ago. I love looking at the way the stitches shape the heel and gusset. It almost looks like magic.

Sock with finished gusset

And my pre-born projects finally got the best of me. I have several chomping eagerly at the bit, but had been able to resist the next shawl and the socks, due to having one of each on the needles. Next sock projects are probably Cat Bordhi’s Coreolis and Red Bird’s February Sock of the Month (in that order, as I’ve seen plenty of cables to last me for a while). It turns out that both are in yarn that is primarily blue – just like my first sock. Hmmm… How did I do that, I wonder? At least the Knot Garden by Red Bird Knits was accidental. That’s the yarn that came with it, and I didn’t know what I’d be getting until I opened the package – honest!

Master Coreolis prebirth Red Bird March 2008 SOTM

But this other project is a little different, combining inspiration from Vicki Square’s Folk Bags and a pattern from Alice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting, to hopefully successfully fill a need for a special container to hold the things I need at hand when I’m hanging out on the sofa. Here is the start of it – or rather, the second start of it. I’m beginning to get the hang of working with one color in each hand, and it’s almost as addictive as the lacework, but I’m making every effort to keep it a very low priority project until I’m done with my commission work. Since the work is done with strands of worsted weight (Knit Picks’ Wool of the Andes), it goes along very quickly when I do have a few minutes to invest. Looking at the photo, the colors don’t appear to blend as well as they do in person, so we’ll have to see what happens as I work the rest of them into the project.

FairIsle basket birth

Enough for now… I’ll save the new girl for sometime this weekend…






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