In Disgrace

You know that sweet Bessie Pease Gutman picture of the little girl standing in the corner? She looks too angelic to have ever done anything wrong, but there she is, proving that it’s possible to look good and still be up to mischief. Obviously, my “Kathy’s Socks” are cut of the same cloth, as it were.

Perhaps you remember my agony a few weeks back when I found that the first sock didn’t fit over my instep, and I ended up frogging 240 lovely little cables. Well, they are all back in place, heel is turned, (after I finally figured out that there was an error in the pattern, one row having been omitted), and it fit, so I headed down the foot, stopping at one point to measure what I thought the pattern wanted me to know. I reached the place where my measurement indicated that the toe should start, switched from cables to stockinette, added a lifeline for good measure, and started my toe decreases. Halfway through shaping the toe, I just started getting an odd feeling that things weren’t right, so I tried it on – my left foot instead of my right foot…

Two big problems came to my attention immediately. One would have something to do with two very memorable moments of interruption while knitting:

Holey socky

Considering how fanatical I was about watching for yarnovers between needles, I was in total shock to see these two “interesting” design elements, which had been on the back side of my right foot, and escaped notice when I tried it on several times earlier. But thinking back and looking at where they are, I know how it happened both times. I’m more than a little unhappy about ripping out nearly the entire foot, and I’ve had enough experience ripping these tight cables to know that getting everything back on the needles isn’t going to be fun. I have also realized rather ruefully that by the time I get my first sock finished, I will have already knitted nearly two whole socks. I know… I could leave the holes. Problem is that they would drive me crazy, and I could never enjoy wearing the socks. Why do something this nicely detailed then leave two glaring holes?

Of course, I have to rip out some anyway…


Kathy’s too long

It would seem that having a range instead of a specific number for toe length isn’t necessarily a good idea for a first time sock knitter, knitting a pair of socks that feel as if they are cursed. They are plenty long to be grafted and there are still 8 rows to go. I could live with that, as it feels like they would form around my toes nicely even at this width. However, with the stockinette toe starting halfway up my big toenail, it looks more like I got tired of making cables or something – totally silly.

Obviously, these socks have it in for me. I love them – so long as I’m not knitting them at the moment. I do want to finish them. However, I’ve been working on one sock for 6 weeks now. This is feeling not only excessive, but very trying. Everyone talks about how wonderful socks are because they are so quick to knit. Everyone hasn’t made this sock apparently. I’m officially putting these in time out, and I’m starting a toe up pair with different yarn (much lighter color, so easier to work) and a totally different pattern (Coriolis), and they are custom designed with my personal measurements, thanks to Cat Bordhi.

Of course, even that pattern doesn’t work if I swatch at a totally different gauge than I actually knit… This would be my second start… sigh…

Coriolis started over

But isn’t that invisible cast on toe great?!

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