The Bunny Hop

It is decidedly spring in Ohio! I just wish I could be enjoying it more than I am. Fleeting glimpses out the door just aren’t doing it for me, but I’m chained to the picture project right now and spending so much time there that I’m just not getting out to play. However, bless her heart, Mae Lei gave me a good excuse to revel in a bit of warmth and sunshine today. She just got a new dress, one I’d commissioned her Tante Nancy to make for her, and she stated quite firmly that we were going outside to take pictures of her with the pretty flowers. “Okay,” I thought, “This will be fun – just like old times, back when my daughters were young and we took Easter pictures by the daffodils each year.” I smiled my agreement – then discovered that her new baby bunny (also from Tante Nancy) was part of the package…

Although she managed to get herself a bit unkempt before we were even out the door, things went pretty well – at least for the first few minutes.

As a special present, Nancy made Mae Lei a bunny tablier to go with her outfit. (She can’t say “tablier” so calls it her apron.) Perhaps you’ve figured out already that Mae Lei has a thing for bunnies. ;o) Noting that she was already getting fidgety, I had her sit down for next picture.

Two belts came with the dress, one pink and one the same soft ecru pique of the collar and cuff. The plan was to model each, but we never quite got that far. It seems the bunny was getting a little tired of sitting still, too, and suddenly decided the tender, green shoots of grass were more appealing than Mae Lei’s lap.

Needless to say, this brought an end to the picture taking…

And it took a good half hour of giggling and squealing for her to finally catch the little rascal. In all honesty, I don’t think she was trying too hard, and truth be known, though I got a few odd looks from the neighbors while I was sitting cross-legged out in the driveway inhaling the fragrances of spring, I really didn’t mind at all. ;o)

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