Counting Down

Only 146 more photos and captions to rescue from Epson, and I’ll be done. My mousing hand is starting to feel abused, especially in my wrist, and I think my brain is fried from doing such repetitive work for so long, and the Epson site seems to be running slower by the day, no doubt swamped by folks doing the same thing I am. But I’m close enough now to know I can do this – and I’m going to get it done well before the deadline. No lallygagging on this project! I have visions of the site being so congested the last week so as to be virtually in accessible, and I don’t want to take that risk. I have to say it will definitely be a huge relief when it’s done – and a tremendous pleasure when adding pix to the albums will be classed as making progress instead of just holding my ground.

I will confess that as much as I hate being forced into the task, two good things have come from it. First of all, in the process of moving each photo and each caption one at a time, I’m seeing each picture and reading each story – and having lots of laughs and a few tears as I relieve so many of the memories from the past 3 years.

The second good thing is that I’ve gone from thinking I’d never find another photo site as well as Epson, to knowing very securely that the site I’m using not only has met their level, but exceeded it many times over. Page layout is much more appealing and can be personalized, I can set up main albums to manage any number of sub-albums and keep the basic look clean and easy to navigate, I can upload videos, and if all that isn’t enough, I even get bonus points toward free prints or a year’s upgrade when I make purchases or refer people. It’s seriously a winning set up, and unquestionably the silver lining in what had otherwise been a very gray cloud.

In other news, I’m in love. A friend introduced me to SugarSync over the weekend, and the question, “Where have you been all my life?” seems quite appropriate. Sure wish I’d known about it before I lost my last computer. As I’m starting to learn the ropes of the program, I become more and more amazed. I was sitting at my desktop just shaking my head in disbelief while I worked on cleaning up some photo files on my laptop – yes I said that correctly – then with a couple clicks moved the video I’d been seeking from my laptop onto my desktop so I could put it in an album. The laptop is clear across the room, and I’m previewing and editing its files on the desktop. All I can say is that it is really weird to watch it happen. Not only do I love the security of having both computers backed up – especially considering the antique nature of my laptop – but the ease of transferring files from one machine to the other is almost as good as chocolate. The added bonus is that my laptop is so old and so crammed full of data that it is slow as molasses, but when I use the desktop and SugarSync to work on those same files, it is at least as fast as if they were on that machine. Time being as scarce as it is these days, given the choice of the two options, I prefer using the system that loads pages about 4 times as fast. The quicker I get the work finished, the sooner I’m back to email, knitting, and my version of a normal life. Bravo for SugarSync!

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