Treasure Hunting

Sigh… I feel as if I’ve been on the far side of the moon or something. Never dreamed it would be this long between posts. Not for lack of wanting – just too much life getting in the way. Some of it has been good (like I’ve had a sale from one or another of my stores nearly every day), some of it not quite so fun (dentist…), but that’s about normal for everyone, I suppose. Maybe I’ll be able to do some catching up and share some of the bits and pieces over the next few days, so long as I keep it short and sweet. (Uh-huh… ;o))

So… since I had to be out anyway last week, thanks to a small hole in my head – well… my tooth… which is close enough – I decided I would sweeten the day by doing a little treasure hunting at the thrift store in that town. As a bonus, I noticed an antique store that I’ve never seen open was doing business that day. I’ve not been in an antique store since last spring in Denver, so thought I was well overdue.

It turned to be my day for great finds! At the thrift store, I found quite a few little treasures for my Bleuettes, including a pet cage, bucket of berries, and an old-fashioned radio. I discovered 3 Creative Memories album cover sets, none of which I already owned, several excellent books which I was eager to add to my library, and some super garments to recycle into doll clothes fabric. The things that excited me most, though were this poster, mounted on foamcore board, that I bought for Daughter #2, who loves skiing and all things Paris, and who has a Paris honoring home decor…

and an umbrella swift – which is something I’d been dreaming of owning for years! I have a larger, straight-armed swift, but it has to be assembled each time I use it. This is very compact, and it will be really nice for smaller skeins, especially when I’m just doing one up quickly. Considering what I paid for it, I’m beyond thrilled. Hope I can get the price markings off of it… Never did figure out why they do it like this. :o*

Then, there is this skirt, which is most definitely not going to be recycled for the dolls, even though I paid only 75 cents for it. It’s in perfect condition, a lovely swishy rayon, and just look how perfectly it matches one of my recent stash acquisitions! Even DH says it looks as if the yarn was dyed to match the fabric of the skirt. I’m playing around with pattern ideas, and have lots of latitude, as I have 10 skeins of this gorgeous Silky Wool from Elsebeth Lavold. (Silky Wool being a current addiction on my part…). I’m really leaning toward something along the lines of the Ljod Cardigan, which I think would work beautifully over a skirt.

Needless to say, I was already on a bit of a high by the time I left the thrift store, and the antique shop turned out to be just as much fun – though not quite the bargain price utopia I’d just left. Still, I found a great little working electric clock that will be perfect in my kitchen, a new book for my Horatio Alger collection, and this antique niddy noddy, which was my big splurge of the day.

I just love the way it feels from the patina of use over the years, and I wish I knew something of its history. I don’t know whether I will use it or not, since I have the one I stained and assembled, which came along with my spinning wheel. I’d just hate to risk damaging it and am not sure how much use it could handle. The ends are pegged on, and they jiggle a little now that the wood has dried out, so it would bear the stress of wrapping a little differently than when it was first made. Still, it is a really cool piece, and I’m thrilled to have it!


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