Gotta Get Better…

Let’s just say that the second day of focusing on the nook project was anything but stellar. When I got up, I found that an experiment had been effected. DH decided to kibitz on my sanding/painting portion of the project, while looking at a rather nasty piece of paneling he was trying to salvage to line the right side cupboard. Having cut it to fit, spliced pieces together, then relaminated portions that were water and weather damaged, he feared it wouldn’t withstand sanding, so tried putting a nice, thick coat of some rather aged primer on first. The expectation was that I could then sand the primer smooth without bothering the weakened semi-wood product beneath the paint. Suffice it to say, you needn’t bother trying the same approach. Paint that is only a few hours old cannot be satisfactorily sanded, though I tried to make it work for him. He’d put so many hours into it, and so much was riding on that piece today, that I had to give it my all. However, the predictable happened. The paint rolled itself into tiny pellets which littered the surface of the wood and shot through the air like tiny bullets, stinging any uncovered skin they hit. It was a constant battle to keep the surface brushed clear of them, as the friction caused by the sander heated them and melted them into permanent warts on the tender surface of the new paint. After at least 30 minutes of this less than pleasant endeavor, my sander began to choke and sputter. While I frantically tried to chart the knitting pattern for my class, which was less than an hour from starting, he tore my sander apart, trying to clean it out. Eventually it hit me that I wouldn’t subject my favorite power tool to more of the same abuse, even if he did save it, so suggested we needed to finish the project by hand. That fizzled quickly, as even my best sandpaper clogged in a matter of minutes. Watching me scrub diligently for a moment, then pick out the bits of paint before hitting a few more strokes, he finally told me to give it up – that he’d go buy a new piece of wood. I felt bad that the many hours which had gone into that piece were all going to naught, but have to confess that even sanded to the best I could muster, the resulting product wasn’t at all nice. So, while I went off to teach knitting class, DH ran up to Lowe’s for a fresh piece of plywood, some more sandpaper, and a dowel I’d requested, and by the time I was home again, he had my sander back together and the new piece of wood cut and ready for my ministrations. Sanded, primed, and with one coat of finish color on it, it’s drying and will be ready to install first thing tomorrow. Hurrah! Meanwhile, the wiring didn’t get done, and we had another panic – which eventually resolved itself into a puff of smoke when we finally realized that we were incorrectly picturing the way the doors would be fitting into the cupboard. Considering what we thought needed to be done, it was an unbelievable relief to find that our imaginations were tuned in faultily. Not much to show for today, especially since I didn’t take a picture of the large piece of sage green plywood outside on the sawhorses. In fact, it doesn’t look tremendously different than yesterday.

He sanded down the putty spots, and with exacting measurements to make it match the other side, placed the frame that will hold the upper section of the door panel, which will be permanently fixed in order to hold one of the lighting fixtures we bought years ago when starting the project. Unable to resist the temptation, I spread a bit of green paint in the otherwise “construction drab” cupboard while everything was still fairly wide open, but I’ll wait to do the second coat until he’s mostly done working in there, so I don’t have to do a lot of touch up work. I think it will be nice with white shelves against the green…

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