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Okay, I’m taking a break from sandpaper and paint this afternoon and finally posting about my newest big knitting project. I finished my last one at the beginning of last week, and if I can manage to get it blocked and find a model, will be sharing it here. Meanwhile, not one to have no major project on my needles, I dove into my next one immediately. Because of a bit of serendipitous timing, I created a lovely bit of atmosphere this time around. Here’s how it all fell into place…

I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to make next. Several shawls and wraps were tempting me, but usually one will jump out and say “ME! ME! ME!” and nothing was doing that. Then, about a week before I was ready to start my new piece, I logged onto ebay one evening and there was my fantasy yarn – the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in moss that I’d been dreaming of finding. I’d only discovered this yarn after the color I wanted had been discontinued (of course!), and finding 10 skeins of it for a price I could manage had looked more impossible by the day. When I saw this auction, it took me about 10 seconds to hit the BIN button… ;o) I may be avoiding ebay most of the time these days, but I was more than happy to make an exception in this particular situation!

The yarn arrived promptly – at the same time my newest audiobook finally got to the library after a painfully long wait – and the next day I received some CD’s… and the serendipity of it all is that my audiobook is Voyager by Diana Gabaldon, set in Scotland, my wrap pattern is the Little River Wrap, designed by Alice Starmore, a Scottish knitwear desiger, and one of my tapes was The Pipe Major’s Chorus by the Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band – Scottish bagpipers… I managed to save everything for the same evening, and last Wednesday, I put in my new CD quietly for background music, popped the first book CD into the computer, and sat down to cast on what is my first Aran knitting and my first Alice Starmore pattern. I have an Irish friend who pointed out that Aran knitting isn’t Scottish, but at least the designer is, and that will have to do. She also thinks I’ll knit on it faster to Irish music. Anyone know a really good Irish audiobook for me to put in next? Irish music I own. :o)

Anyway, a week into the project and I finally took it outside to get a good photo of how it’s coming. (I’d already discovered that flash makes lovely cablework vanish.) I’m thrilled with it!

The Silky Wool is a little thinner than the hefty Shetland Wool Starmore’s pattern suggests, so it’s a little narrower than the original, but that’s fine by me. I also think it isn’t going to use nearly as much yarn as I’d figured I need – which only means I’ll have some of this awesome stuff left over. I can live with that. :o) Last weekend, based on the amount of time it was taking to do a row and how much time I knit on my big project on average, I calculated a finish date of August 21. However, I am pretty certain already that I’m going to beat that by quite a bit now. When I started, I discovered that unlike lace knitting patterns, cable charts aren’t intuitive for me, so I had to memorize the code instead. I’m not having to think so hard for each twist and turn now, and I’m getting pretty quick with the cable needle, so it’s becoming much faster work. For some reason, although I’ve done a lot of cables without a needle (hundreds on that sock that is in time out), either this design or the yarn isn’t cable-free friendly for me, and I’m faster using the needle.


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  1. Hello, my friend. The yarn and its color are exquisite and the knitting is coming along beautifully. (When are you sending it to me?) For an Irish audio book, may I suggest “Angela’s Ashes” or “Tis” by Frank McCourt? Give me time and I will find some more. There must be some James Joyce in that format these days. See if you can find Joyce’s “The Dead” on audiobook. Martha says the movie is fabulous so the book must be moreso. There is also “The Country Girls Trilogy” by Edna O’Brien. I have not read either yet but they are currently being discussed at my library and the movie, The Dead, will be shown on July 22. Another book would be “The Butcher Boy”. If you can find “Michael Collins” or “In the Shadow of Bealnablath on audiobook, you might be mesmerised enough to put down the reading. I might also suggest any of the books that lead up to the movie “Gangs of New York”. Your Irish friend in Maine.

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