Back on Track

Real progress again – thankfully! We are both bemoaning the loss of yesterday, and feeling as well that things are still moving too slowly, but today saw legitimate changes, and it sure is nice.

DH’s two primary accomplishments were the installation of the sheathing panel we remade yesterday, which you can see in the photo on the inner wall to the left of the cupboard, and all the niggling details that were necessary to mount the upper half of the fixed door panel at the top of the photo. In order for the panel to lie flush with the face of the cupboard, it was necessary to plane the support wood – not much of a project if one actually has a planer or the appropriate hand tools. Not owning either of the little beasties, though, made it a much more involved project. With the hole cut for the electrical box and my coat of primer, it’s at long last ready for the wiring.

Alas… I was back to my normal sanding and painting again today. Though it can be a tedious job with its heavy dose of no-brain repetition, I’m a bit faster at it than DH, and doing it gets me out of things like precision cuts in costly (for us) pre-fab bi-fold doors. Since I’d rather save any perfectionistic moments for knitting lace shawls and Aran wraps, I work very diligently to be content with boredom. At least it eventually produces an impressive bit of metamorphosis, and by the time I’m finished, my handshake should be noticeably firmer. With it being in the mid 50’s and drizzly today, and having only one set of sawhorses to hold my painting, I had lots of waiting time between painting moments, so managed to do a few other small tasks. I sanded another large sheathing piece, which will go inside the left cupboard, primed that, the front and back of one of the cupboard doors, and the fixed portion at the top of each cupboard today, most work being well in advance of actual need. I like working ahead like this when I don’t have anything that has to happen immediately – no pressure now, and less later, too!

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