Something for Saturday

Though it doesn’t show a lot, a good bit happened on Saturday. Most of it is stuff that will pay off later in the project. DH had two big goals and made both. One of them was wiring this side for the new light, which doesn’t look like much, to be quite honest.

He has it wired, but then tied it back into the light on the ceiling, as neither of us thought it wise to have either a bare bulb or the nice new fixture exposed in the middle of the construction zone. At least it will be easy to tie it in when the time is right now. His other project was to cut the first face piece – the long piece running across the entire top of the cupboard. Since this is an oooooooold house, nothing original is true and level, but we built the floor of the cupboard level. That meant that the piper was paid at ceiling height and he had to shape the piece to match the curve of the ceiling fairly closely. It’s a remarkably good fit. Can’t go up until Sunday, as I have to sand, prime, and paint it first, but just seeing it held up in place was exciting!

Watching him work on the face piece, I suddenly realized that I needed to paint the inside of the upper cupboards before he put the vertical face pieces up. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to get to them and would have to leave the raw, splintery wood in there – probably collecting samples every time I used the upper cupboards, knowing me. Cupboards are temporary holding places for my craft tubs, which eventually will be in my studio, where I’ll actually be able to use them. I can’t believe how much the fresh primer up there has attracted my attention!

I spent a lot of time with sandpaper and primer today. I sanded the faceboard, one big door, and the four small doors, and primed not only the upper cupboard edges, but also the big door, the faceboard, and one and a half small doors. I finished the green on the big wall sheath board from Friday and worked on the inside of the right hand cupboard – managing to stick my knuckle in some tacky paint. Without thinking, I quickly moved to brush the mess I made smooth – and since it was tacky, it turned into a rather large, ugly blotch, which now needs sanded and repainted. I’m blaming this foolishness on breathing too much sawdust.

Since everything I was doing was agonizingly mundane, I thought I deserved a treat by late evening, so I dug out my wall paint and my crack filler and worked on the small area above my studio door just for fun. I should have taken a clear starting photo of the crack, but perhaps it shows a bit on the wall coming forward to the right of the photo. I filled that and cut in the rest of the ceiling paint, and once that was dry, put on the first coat of gorgeous, exciting color. (Anything other than the current Avocado Mustard Whirl is gorgeous!) I’m really looking forward to the day that the entire room is this color. :o) I took the after picture with a little “old wall” in it for comparison.

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