Something That Feels Real!

Admittedly we’ve been making a lot of progress, but so much of it doesn’t show or won’t generally show in the completed nook. Sunday we finally put up the first thing that is painted and will show as part of the finished project, and not only that, but it covers some of the framing, so actually improved the look of things – a lot, at least to someone who has been looking at it as much as I have. Along the ceiling, the first facepiece is in place. The nice (and amusing) thing is that it fits the ceiling so well that I told DH to skip the molding. I didn’t want quarter round up there anyway, as it doesn’t fit the feel of the house or the rest of the woodwork. However, I thought there was no way he would get the fit that accurate. I actually told him to just get it close enough that we could put up half inch quarter round to cover any gaps and not sweat it beyond that, and he agreed. Then he put it up and we got out of the quarter round anyway. :o)

I still have to fill holes and touch up the paint, but I decided to do it all at once with the other upper face pieces. My knees really don’t like ladders enough to climb when I don’t absolutely have to do it.

In work that doesn’t show yet, the little shelves and cleats for the upper part of the right hand cupboard have been cut and I’ve started working on painting those. Second coat of paint went on the wall, around the upper cupboard openings, on the back of one door, and I put both coats on the face piece we mounted.

Current nightmare: Despite my having looked in all the most possible locations now, I’ve yet to find the bag of hinges and latches I purchased years ago when the project was first started. Not having hinges is very soon going to be a major problem – i.e. project stopper. Suffice it to say, I’m praying for guidance to find them.

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