Two For One

Don’t get your hopes up – not a sale. It’s just that it took two days to get one post out of me. It’s terribly frustrating to see how tiny the changes are each day in comparison to how much time is going into this project. Surely it will eventually have a few surprising moments in which huge parts of it will suddenly fall together – or so I hope!

For DH, Monday was primarily invested in cutting the two vertical facepieces that will frame the outside edge of the finished cupboard. Again, battling the old-house-overall-lack-of-plumb, not to mention an 8′ long cut that needed to be made in each of the two boards to fit them to match the less than square previous construction, kept him busy for most of his day. To make the project more interesting, we have a rather large, heavy, seriously overfilled (double shelved!) bookcase, which was in the way of his being able to mark a cut line on his board. We decided it would take less time to totally empty and move this case, then reverse the process, than for him to try to make the cut without benefit of drawing a line down the board along the edge of the wall. All told, we ended up moving about 36 linear feet of books – twice.

While the shelf was out, he also pulled up one of the remaining sections of dry rotted carpet and padding, and the tack strip, all of which were left in place when the rest of the carpet was pulled up some years back. (Bookcase was just as heavy back then…) The cuts came out perfectly, by the way.

With a little extra work time at the end of the day, he also put in this big piece of sheathing – the one I’d finished painting a few days ago.

This cupboard is nearly ready for drawers… no small project, but one of the most valuable in the entire cupboard.

Meanwhile, I sanded and primed and painted… ad nauseum! I finally finished the little shelves and cleats, put a final coat of paint inside the right cupboard, finished painting around the upper cupboard openings, and sanded and primed the two side facepieces. I also spent an inordinate amount of time looking for those hinges, which was more exhausting than useful – though I did finally find the passport that slipped away from me a couple of years ago and finally had to be replaced. Sure would love to know how it got where it was… but then… maybe not…

Tuesday was the last day of DH’s vacation days, and it was only a short work day for him, as it was his night to go to a friend’s house to play trains. (Don’t tell him I published that!) He was inordinately pleased with what he did accomplish, though. The side facepieces needed something between them and the existing wall in order to be stable enough to handle hinges, so he fitted spacers for both sides this afternoon, and even found enough time to mount the first little shelf in the right cupboard. I couldn’t resist putting just a few DVD’s on to see the effect, though I couldn’t leave them, as the paint is still too tender to permanently load shelves.

I kept looking at the shelf thinking it was so cute in there, but didn’t dare say that out loud, for obvious reasons. Imagine my reaction when he came home late tonight and commented that the little shelf was cute! :oD

For my part today, I was extremely busy, able to do much more without having to share space and grab available moments between his work. I sanded and primed the spacer pieces he’d cut in the afternoon, then put two color coats on those and the two facepieces, so they are ready to install. I gave up on the hinges and ordered replacements – which totally galls me, but I don’t have time to turn the house on its ear. They aren’t in any of the places I would normally have put them, so they were either moved innocently or with feline or masculine assistance, or they happen to be in “someone’s” shop and he doesn’t remember them arriving there. Eventually I’ll have a lot of nice brass hardware to resell, I guess… I painted part of the wall just around the corner from the left side of the nook from floor to ceiling while it was easy, so I don’t have to edge around the woodwork once it’s installed. (And yes, we know that hinges are usually screwed, not taped in place…)

And I started back on priming doors, now that the little shelves are out of the way in my indoor paint gallery.

Then, I tackled a project that has been avoided for quite some time… I was working steadily on my laundry room (Piazza di Bucato) last year, but work came to an abrupt halt last October, when I had three trips (two major), three holidays, a birthday, and a really nasty virus all in the space of ten weeks. So much has happened since then (in addition to just trying to catch up), that it’s been very easy to put off starting back into the work – which ironically enough is currently sanding, priming, and painting… Tonight I gritted my teeth, climbed the ladder yet again, and scuff sanded the high cupboard, washed it down, primed all but the face (I want to remove the doors for a proper painting), and later went back to put a coat of paint on the top, side, and bottom. I’m feeling quite proud of myself, to be quite honest – and I hated every minute of the job! It’s not going to do itself, though, and I can’t do anything else in that room until it’s finished – and I’ve grown more than a little bit weary of it being unfinished. Pix here are before and after, with the primed doors definitely showing a contrast between old and new. Can’t wait to pick out some nice new handles that aren’t flaking to put on these doors!

Before After

At least it isn’t boring around here!

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