Four and Counting…

I have just four days left to work before my favorite paper hanger arrives. I’m beyond trying to guess how successful I’m going to be in regards to preparedness, but I’m feeling more positive than I was a week ago. Now the crunch looks more as if it will involve the second wall. I’m not sure how far I can hope to extend a miracle.

Lots has happened since my last entry, though almost everything has been in the sewing room, due to the impending deadline. A continued push through the clutter has finally demolished Mouse Mountain, gruesome task that it was, freeing the dresser. Ironically, it seems that the worst damage in the room may well have occurred to those items which were properly sorted and stored, as there appears to have been a merry frolic through my drawers, leaving my rather substantial stash of evenweave fabric with unsavory decorations and the formerly mint condition boxes holding my my dainty English porcelain jars with stitchery ready tops much the worse for wear. I decided I’d close the drawers and deal with it later, as I have to take everything out to refinish the dresser at some point anyway.

Everything in the large half of the room has moved at least once, and all the carpet in that section is gone. The wallpaper is stripped, the mantle has been toted outside, walls cleaned as needed, and much primer and paint has been applied to walls, woodwork, and ceiling. Tonight I decided that at least a third of the ceiling has been done, and all but a tiny corner I can’t reach in the bay has been primed, as has the woodwork in the area to be papered first. I’ve also finished painting the wall in the dresser area leading to the first bay window, and it awaits only a new register and quarter round molding for me to call it finished. As for the mantle… discussion of that little project will have to wait for another night, as it’s a story all its own…

So, here are a few pix of the metamorphosis, so far as it’s gone.

This is the wall behind the dresser when I started. It was an odd sort of green when we moved in, but I’d managed to get this far with my painting the first time, so it’s an extremely pale gold here. The hodgepodge on the wall reflects a frightening transitional stage between who I was 15 years ago and who I am now. Trust me, this will most certainly be dealt with!

I have to confess that it looked tremendously better just removing the stuff from the wall, but the addition of fresh paint to that wall and primer to the main part of the window frame and bay wall was pretty exciting. Yes, this is the same wall, just a different angle, so it looks a lot shorter.

One of the fun things DH got to do was fill the mouse hole and a very large hole that appeared beside the window frame when my scraper went right through the plaster. I’d researched a bit online and decided to try something called Great Stuff, which mice supposedly don’t find tasty. The instructions say to fill holes just halfway, as it expands. DH didn’t quite trust them, and we had a pretty good laugh when we walked back into the room an hour later! It sort of reminded me of the blight I was so scared of when I was a kid shucking corn. He trimmed it off with his flush saw, and now that it’s primed, it blends right in. I will add that the stuff is fun to play with once it’s hard. :o)

So, from back at the doorway, the current look into the bay area has changed somewhat this week. I can’t call these before and after shots; how about before and during? No matter what you call it, it looks like “better” to me already!

Now, do I hear any volunteers to come paint windows? Nah… didn’t figure as much…

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