Spoiling Me

Okay, just a short post right now… I just wanted to share what I did to spoil myself. :o) Today is my birthday, but since it’s the weekend and DH is home and ready to work, I ran away from home yesterday to celebrate a day early. My favorite yarn store (closest I have to an LYS) is an hour away, and with gas prices as they are, it’s a bit extravagant to go, but she’s having a sale, and I’m having a birthday… ;o) I thought I was being reasonably careful, but other than the fact that I need more yarn like I need another of those proverbial holes in my head, I realized I came home with yarn for 4 new, mostly big, projects – and narrowly averted a fifth by looking at the total she’d already tallied for me! Anyway, here’s my happy birthday to me stash enhancement…

I’ve never done entrelac, and this shawl was SO pretty! She had 12 of 16 possible colorways all bagged up and ready to take home – and I bit… including the pattern… That would be 12 balls of yarn, in the ever enticing Jojoland Rhythm…

Then there was this fascinating pattern… I looked at it and though “Ugh! I love the look, but I hate anything that involves making and sewing motifs.” Then she has to go and tell me that it’s not done like that, but rather is worked by picking up stitches. I’ve not examined the pattern yet, but that was enough to get me to buy the pattern – and 10 balls of yarn, since I wanted mine a good bit larger than the pattern makes it. Jojoland scores another hit, just because they produced an intriguing pattern – this time with Rhythm. I think this is going to be particularly fun since the color appears more varied in these skeins than in the first shawl (for which I chose a very subtle colorway).

This was the one “easy” thing – a single ball of yarn to make an airy scarf. It even came with a free pattern! (Be sure to enlarge this one, as the colors don’t show very well at all in the thumbnail, and it’s actually quite pretty, despite looking so dark.) This is Crystal Palace Kid Merino, and the basket full of these at the store makes me think of a bowl full of Christmas hardtack.

Next, I happened upon the Hempathy – and by this point should have stopped looking, but… Well, I just hadn’t gotten around to trying any of it yet, and I so love all the other Elsebeth Lavold yarn I have, and then I started thinking it would be nice to make a summer weight shawl… I narrowly avoided bringing home two colors, as I had a miserable time deciding between the gold and a pale green, but I finally decided that this sunny color felt like summer and might be a little more versatile. Ten more balls in the bag. :o)

And last, but not least, I actually had a legitimate need. I’m working on a gift and was clearly running short of yarn, so I was glad to find the same color, and though a different dye lot, it matches – apparently perfectly – so I’m back in business. 4 skeins of my beloved Silky Wool in the incredibly awesome “Petrol” colorway – totally legal purchase. :o)

And eventually, sale or not, I’m going to be heading back for the yarn for that entrelac vest, but first I suppose I need to figure out where I’m going to stash this while I finish my Little River Wrap and my socks and that gift I have started and…


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