My Mystery Baby

A while back, I found a treasure on ebay late one evening, freshly listed as a Buy It Now. I argued with myself (admittedly briefly) about spending the money at that point, but this doll was unlike any I’d ever seen, with the popular “Dream Baby” type face and a toddler body, and I do so love the all-bisques.  The fact that I’d not see one like this anywhere, nor could I find an example in a quick perusal of my most reliable doll books, pushed me right over the edge into adoption. When he arrived here (I really think it looks like a boy…), I spent several hours doing a more thorough search, but I’ve turned up precisely no information anywhere. I’m admittedly grinning to think I’ve stumbled upon a fairly rare doll, but its a little frustrating to not be able to find even the tiniest shred of information. I thought I’d had a stroke of genius when I wrote to a well-known expert in the doll world, but am now even more baffled, as she’s never seen a doll like mine either, nor does she recognize the maker’s mark. So, here’s my baby, with the hopes that posting him will help uncover more information about the little tyke.

Baby (as yet unnamed) is 6″ tall, a five piece, elastic strung all-bisque with head and torso molded as one piece, and has painted blue eyes. He arrived in a cute little velvet romper, which very much appears as if it is contemporary to him, and a little crocheted hat which most definitely is. One string is gone from the little cap, which bears the feeling of the outfits I’ve seen in old catalogue pictures as coming with the dolls, so perhaps it is original.

The back is very clearly incised “DGP 518. Germany”, and the limbs are marked “18” and match perfectly, so I have no doubt they are original.

The arms are at slightly different positions from each other, hands dimpled and nicely detailed, and the big toes are cocked up a bit like Kestner toes. Bisque is nice quality, wash very nice, painting appealing – though not absolutely perfect. He’s a nice enough quality doll to be a Kestner.

Don’t you just love that pudgy little body? How do toddlers get away with that and look so cute in the process?

If you have any information whatsoever on this wee laddie, I’d be much obliged if you would leave a comment here on my blog. If you don’t see a comment box as you are reading this, click on the title of this post. You will be taken to a page which will display just this post and a comment box. If you’ve not left a comment here before, it will take a few hours for me to notice and approve your message, so please be patient. I’m really looking forward to having to finding out more information!


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  1. I just purchased an all-bisque Dream Baby on ebay yesterday. Same situation as you describe; not able to find any information about an all-bisque Dream Baby. Mine is unlike yours, however. Mine has a swivel neck on an all-bisque body, and is 8 inches. The body looks to me like the Tynie Baby all-bisque body—-but who knows? He was too cute to pass up, so I made an offer on a Buy It Now. My hunch is that the body may be an all-bisque artist’s repro. Can’t wait to get him in the mail. I ran across your entry while trying to research my little guy. Yours is adorable, by the way. Did you ever find out any information on him?

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