Spoiling Me: Part the Second

Well, I didn’t quite plan it this way, but my birthday stashing took on a life of its own! I got two boxes in the mail, and they were both stash – both extremely good i’net finds during the last couple of weeks, and both had the decency to exhibit perfect timing… well… at least perfect timing to make me feel just a wee bit guilty. However, I think I’ll get over that soon enough. ;o)

First there was this spectacular buy on some more Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool. I already had four skeins of this color, but how could I resist 16 skeins of the same dye lot for just $4 a skein and free shipping? I have no idea what this is going to become, but I’ll work on it. I’m sure it will let me know in good time. This isn’t the same as the Petrol I bought at the yarn sale; it’s color 28, and Petrol is 35. This is a little more turquoise, I think.

The other box held something that, if I didn’t already have enough to do so, would keep me out of trouble for the next few years pretty easily. This is not a little bag; it’s grocery bag sized, and its jammed full of 42 ( ! ) balls of cotton crochet/tatting thread in various shades of white and ecru, very old to fairly new, and marked sizes are every number from 10 through 70. It’s a marvelous selection of thread, and since much of it has a very notable age patina, it’s the sort of thing I love to use for my antique dolls. Anything made from thread like that looks instantly and very naturally old – and honestly, it is old, just recently made. It just looks so much nicer on the dolls that I have problems using anything else for them. It also allows me to custom make doilies and lace pieces that look as if they have history – a nice touch in a Victorian home, and one to employ when the perfect size or shape of antique frillery can’t be found. Besides, often it’s more fun making it than just buying it. :o)

As for the rest of my birthday, it was perfectly lovely – though I’m sure there are more than a few people who would think I’m a little strange for saying so. I was awakened by an unexpected and totally delightful birthday call from a friend in France, and with a start like that, I just had to have a good rest of the day. I was offered dinner out, but turned it down because of all that still needs to happen here. DH surprised me by baking a birthday cake before I was out of bed – coconut with lemon icing – yum! He worked extremely diligently and uncharacteristically cheerfully on the remodeling to do list. And he ran out to Subway for supper sandwiches for us – a favorite and a real treat! Biggest accomplishment of the day is that the wallpaper liner is entirely up in the bay – YIPPEE!!!! (And was that ever a project! I most certainly do not like hanging wallpaper horizontally.) I was going to take a picture, but from anything more than 3 feet away, it looks just like it did before – white! But just you wait until Wednesday! If all this wasn’t enough, I also sold a book on Amazon and got an order for 97 (no, not a misprint!) books from my website! I have so much empty sale shelf space now it’s unbelievable, and other than the problem of time over the next week or so, I no longer have any excuse not to pull more books off my shelves and list them. I will get this library culled to a point that the books fit on my shelves… I will, I will, I WILL! Anyway, I’ve never had a birthday that made me this terribly exhausted, but it was absolutely wonderful, and I’ll definitely remember it for years to come. :o)

The one thing I can’t believe, though, is that since Thanksgiving, I’ve missed only one day knitting, with the exception of the time I was in Honduras. I’m a little chagrined that as of today, I’ve now missed two, especially since I woke up intending to glut on knitting. I will need to be atoning for this at my earliest possible convenience, but for now, I believe sleep is very much in order…


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