Chocolate and Roses

Yippee!!! When it’s this long awaited, I’m sure I’m allowed to celebrate a job half done – especially when it’s the tough half! I chose the title for this post many days ago as I was painting the room. I had the uncanny experience of smelling chocolate, which had to be purely psychological and based on the color of the paint. Thinking about the rose wallpaper I would be adding soon, I realized that I was doing my room over in chocolate and roses – so how could I help but love the outcome? Last night, I finally got to see them together for the first time, and the room exceeds my expectations!

DD#2 arrived safe and sound Tuesday night, making yesterday the day I’ve anticipated for nearly seven years. Yes, I bought the wallpaper for my sewing room seven years ago – a very long wait for something I’ve wanted so much! Even with all the prep work, this part of the room was still a major project because of all the corners and the old-fashioned, milled windowsills – and many tight spots.

We took short breaks for supper and a visitor, but spent most of 11 hours working on it – much longer than I’d expected. The last piece of paper took two hours to hang, though, as it encompassed the last six inches of the window frame and sill, a corner, the bookcase, the bump to the paneling, a very uneven wall, trying to force the match between the short top and bottom pieces, and an extremely tight corner that had to be cut blind. The rest of the room is going to feel very easy compared to this one piece of paper!

Though I’ve alluded to it, I’ve not shown a picture of the paneling I so despise. It’s beyond exciting to me to see even this much of it vanish, and early next week, the rest of it goes – assuming I can get all the stuff in the room rearranged to open the working space, take down the high shelves, sand the wall, wash it down, and prime before it’s time for my helper to head back home.

Anyway, it’s still not a before and after picture, but it really shows a change. I had to shoot it over the pattern storage dresser, which is out of place, but I think it gives a good idea of the new look to this point. Oh – and I hung those things back up on the wall not only because I couldn’t resist, but because it made two things we didn’t have to keep moving. :o) Starting look…

and with changes to date…

When I walk into the room now, I can almost feel it sigh with relief to be shed of its 1970’s garb and slipping into garments that fit comfortably. I love the feeling of a happy room!

Meanwhile, it seems that our circus has developed a fourth ring. Look what came!

More on this fantasy item in a later post, though, as it’s become a story in its own right!

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