It’s a Frame-up… or not…

I’ve had two frustrating framing projects for about 10 years now – made more frustrating by not having the time to spend hours on end searching ebay daily for possible fits. While excavating the top of my possum belly baking cupboard today, I came across the items again and thought I’d share my frustrations. Who knows? Maybe someone out there reading this has the perfect solution!

The first item is a darling paper cut I bought on ebay. Seller said it was “vintage” for whatever that is worth. Personally, it looks laser cut to me… but I adore it whatever it is and would love to have it framed. Problem is, I can’t see beyond the first thing I ever imagined for it – one of those flat, black frames from maybe the 1920’s or so – like this one.

The actual dimensions on the paper cutting are 6.75″ wide and 7.875″ tall. I really think it would look nicest if it wasn’t “floating” in the frame, but rather sitting on the bottom with extra space at the top. I don’t want much, do I?

This is the second item – or rather items. I couldn’t take my eyes off these pictures when I first saw them, and I still think they are some of the dearest prints I’ve ever seen. There is no mark anywhere of a title or artist, and I’d love to know who did them and approximately when – and how they would have originally been framed. Since they were obviously  mass produced items, surely a number of them have survived. My set arrived having been removed from their original frames. I dumbed into one frame that fits fairly well – for all the good that does me. That one is metal and shown in the photo. The pictures are oval and the glass is bubble glass – domed outward – and the pictures are fitted up against the glass, so I need something that will accommodate that shape. The glass measures slightly narrower than the backing piece and is difficult to measure accurately because of the bow, but it appears to be 5″ x 7″.

Any and all information and ideas welcome!

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