Second Thoughts

So, I’m putting primer around the half window in my sewing room last night, and as I worked toward the right hand side, suddenly found myself face to face with this…

an arachnid nursery. And not just one, but two fairly large by Ohio standards, and seriously ugly, female spiders flaunting their reproductive abilities just inches from my nose. Apologies to those of you who are fond of the creatures, but I’ve just never managed to warm up to spiders – and the bigger they are, the less happy I am to see them. These gals didn’t even have webs – which makes me all the more nervous. I made a mental note to ask DH to do something about them ASAP, as the thought of hundreds of teeny spiders with the potential to grow as large as their mothers, hatching out at the edge of the window didn’t thrill me at all. After washing out my paint brush, I went back in to take a photo of the girls, so I could disgust or enrapture my readers, depending on their personal tastes, and much to my shock, I found one of the eight-legged creepers gone without a trace – egg sac and all – and the other resettling herself in a new position. That’s when it dawned on me that I would do well to rethink my plans for the next couple of days. I’d fully intended to crack the window open a bit so I could paint it without worrying about it sticking closed. For some reason or other, I’ve suddenly had second thoughts about that idea… and I won’t even talk about the rather severe goosebump problem I’ve developed…

As for the window, the former-homeowner-paneling-addict lined the recessed opening around the half window with paneling, neatly aligning the grooves with what was on the wall, then edging it with real plastic molding.

Paint and real wood moldings was the obvious rescue solution, so I pulled everything out of the window, spent a half hour scrubbing 30 years of grime off the frame, then smiled sweetly at DH, who graciously packed the grooves with wood filler. I sanded it all smooth yesterday, washed all the dust off everything for about a 6 foot radius around the window (sigh), and, of course, have now started painting. I can’t wait to compare before and after photos, but for the moment, this is all I have.

I also now know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I’d have never finished the task had I decided to fill the grooves on all the paneling in the room. I would have gone stark raving mad first!

And, I have to brag a bit about one thing that I’ve finished with several days of work. Remember the possum belly that I avoided showing in photos – the one that was cluttered beyond belief, more than 12″ deep in some spots? I’m happy to report that it now looks like this!

Too bad that I have a sewing desk that is even worse off than the possum belly and has to be cleaned up before I can do any more walls – meaning pretty much immediately (another deep sigh…). I will leave the current condition to your imagination, but I will say that my not so darling little mousy friends apparently partied not only all through the clutter on top, but figured out how to negotiate the closed drawers as well. I’m really not too happy about that – and not all that excited to go through and clean it all for that matter. However, it’s not the sort of stuff one just tosses to the trashman and replaces easily, so I guess I’m going to have to grin and bear it. I still think it is thoroughly unfair that in this cluttered house, I’m forced to clean mouse mess out of the tidily organized drawers. (Am I allowed to sigh three times in one post?) Shouldn’t there be some sort of immunity for things that are put away properly?

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  1. I can’t tell from your photo, but if the spider has a darker brown violin-shaped marking on its back, DO be careful, as brown recluse spider bites can be dangerous!

    Take care!

  2. Okay, my case of goosebumps just came back big time! I never thought about a brown recluse, but having spent as much time looking at photos and info online as I could possibly bear, I’ve been unable to rule out the possibility, and saw plenty of evidence to support the possibility. Problem is that I never saw them from the top side. Thanks for the warning, though. I now know what to look for if they show up again.

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