A Tale of Two Bunnies

You couldn’t much tell it by reading my posts, but I have been knitting the last few months. I missed 3 days – my birthday and two days while my daughter was here, but otherwise, I’ve managed at least an hour per day. That’s not as much as I was doing before we started all the house projects, but it’s enough to keep me sane – more or less… Technically, this is “old news” but since I’ve not had the time to share since I cast on – and because it is my blog and I can make the rules – I’m allowed to post what I made 6 weeks ago. Besides, it was fun and a lot different than the sort of things I’ve been making.

It all started when…

I decided to put together an impromptu Easter basket for DH this year – tempted by being in Walmart and looking for doll props in a certain aisle a few days in advance of the holiday. After picking up some of the small stuff I knew he would enjoy nibbling on, I decided to be silly and buy him a Lindt chocolate bunny to nest right in the middle of the array.

He loved his basket, and over the ensuing weeks, everything gradually disappeared, with the exception of that bunny. Well into May, the little fellow was still sitting on the table, and I was getting concerned that as the weather was getting warmer, his quality was going to go downhill rather rapidly. I finally asked if there was something wrong with the rabbit, and the reply came, “He’s too cute, and I don’t want to eat him.” Considering how much of a chocolate fanatic I married, this was the last thing I ever expected to hear.

Cute or not, chocolate isn’t an eternal substance, so something had to be done. Suddenly I thought of the freebie bunny pattern I’d found online at Heartstrings, and the wheels began turning. A trip to Fiberworks secured me a decadent skein of cashmere yarn, technically too light to be considered chocolate, but to marvelous to ignore. I cast on the day before my last knitting class – far too many stitches to make the petite little creatures shown online, and in the wee hours of Father’s Day morning, I put the finishing touches on one chubby and cute as a button bunny. I put him on the table at DH’s spot and went to bed hopeful…

I am pleased to report that my totally silly gift was a huge hit, and Bunny still lives on the kitchen table – and his chocolate ancestor has met his demise. Sad though that may be, DH is pretty content with the swap. I’m just really going to have to be careful what I get him next Easter!

Project notes – knitting is ridiculously easy. I decided to use a seed stitch instead of garter to make the texture less directional. Any size square will work, just so long as you do the sewing up proportionately. I couldn’t find any regular stuffing anywhere at that hour of the morning, so this little guy is full of my beautiful Corriedale roving – a real class act. I opted to add features – embroidered nose and bead eyes. If done for a child, the eyes would have been embroidered as well. I copped out and skipped whiskers, and as much as I’d wanted to use a red bow, I couldn’t find so much as an inch of red ribbon anywhere. With him being so big, I didn’t have an appropriate tail, so I wet felted a ball of my Corriedale and stitched it behind him. Nose to tail, he’s 8 inches exactly, and I have only a couple yards of cashmere left for my own personal fondling pleasure. When I figure out where I laid the ball band, I’ll add the yarn info.


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