I’m Taking Up Wrestling!

When I found the information about a week ago, I thought everything through briefly, then decided there was just no doubt about it. I just had to sign up to join the WIP Wrestling team. I have to confess that I had a tough time turning away from competing in the Sock Put or the Shawl Relay, both of which sounded infinitely more fun (Who doesn’t like to cast on a new project?), but when it came right down to it, the Ravelympic Event for which I seemed more than a bit overqualified was WIP – Work In Progress – Wrestling.

Ravelry, a fantastic online community designed for knitting and crocheting aficionados, is sponsoring the Ravelympics, which will run concurrently with the Beijing games. Meant to challenge all participants to their utmost, members were encouraged to sign up in the event or events of choice by registering projects to be started during the opening ceremonies and finished before the torch is extinguished 17 days later. The one exception to the starting rule is for the wrestling team – those among us who are digging out our slightly dusty and conveniently forgotten projects from times past, in hopes of finding the other ball of yarn, correct needles, and last page of the pattern, so we can take these neglected bits of history across the finish line during the next 17 days.

The scary thing is that I had no idea just how overqualified I really was in regard to this event. First I went through the projects I had posted on Ravelry – the ones that had been shoved to the side when the remodeling began – and registered most of them for the event. This netted me 7 projects that I wanted to include in the assault – probably more than enough to keep a person wishing to retain sanity busy for 17 days. However, I couldn’t leave good enough alone, so the next day I went trolling for unfinished doll outfits in the first two places that came to mind as hiding places. To my horror, I found not the 4-5 I expected, but instead, I turned up 16! Having registered 23 possible projects – and swallowing hard a couple of times – I opted to pretend I don’t know where the other items are hiding. Let’s just say that even if I finish all 23 of these (HAH!), I won’t have even the slightest bit of worry about not having any WIPs nagging me for attention.

Now all I need is a cheering section to follow me through the various matches over the next two and a half weeks! Well… that and some way to decide which project to do first… I suppose I should have hired a coach perhaps?

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