Day 1 Ravelympics Results

I can’t claim a jack rabbit start on my WIP Wrestling – unless I can count doing just a bit of rabbit chasing. I discovered just a few little problems, which I think will resolve quite nicely over the next couple of days. One would be that I was ready to bind off a small project that wasn’t part of the wrestling event – and there was no way I could not take out the time to do so, even though it turned out to be a process that took nearly two hours to do the bind off and finish work. Pix will be coming shortly. And my Little Rivers Wrap had 2 nights of knitting plus finish work, so I obviously couldn’t bear to stick it away for 2 and a half weeks either. I put in one of the requisite nights, so it should be finished before the weekend is over – even though it doesn’t count either.

I ended up with one very clear WIP choice to attack first – the much disliked charity blanket, which I can easily work without looking. Considering I can’t do eyes on needlework with my glasses on, and I can’t see the TV without my glasses, and I quickly discovered I didn’t want to miss a single moment of the spectacular opening ceremonies that Beijing presented to the world, that blanket was a shoo-in choice. I finished the second ball of yarn and took measurements, discovering to my dismay that it’s only half long enough, then barely started the third ball. Sure hope I can figure out where ball number four went. I think I must have put on about 15-20 rows, even not knitting during commercials. (That time was reserved for internet work or very quick chores.) While listening to the new Knit Picks podcast, I also got in a little over a half hour toward finishing one of the Bleuette dresses I’d knit last year, but not seamed. No finished project photos yet, but some definite progress, and three items within easy striking distance in the next day or two.

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