Day 2 Ravelympics

Today didn’t quite go the way I’d expected. I was “good” and worked a little bit on my sewing room, putting up the first two shelves and sanding the third – pretty much token work, but it was something to keep me from feeling too guilty about the rest of the day…

So, I knit the last 7 rows – which turned out to be 8 in reality – of my Little River Wrap. Tomorrow I’ll bind off, but might stop at that for now – or might not… With it not being part of the Ravelympics, it makes it tough to decide. As for proper challenge work, since I didn’t check the Olympic schedules (brilliant move…), I had no idea that the gymnastics were starting Saturday night, so I found that I was more glued to the TV than I’d expected to be. Then I kept having all sorts of interruptions – like phone calls and TM’s from my daughters – so I didn’t get to watch closely as I’d have liked, which led me to watch it all over again late night. That equated to a whole lot of time with that Charity Blanket I’m so not in love with – and I knitted very close to the entire third ball of yarn into the thing! I need to lay my hands on the last ball of yarn very quickly, as I’ve gone from thinking I’ll be working on it the rest of my life to thinking I can actually be rid of it in short order! I also added 10 rows to the prayer shawl I’m making, which didn’t look like much in comparison to increasing the length of my blanket by 50%. On the other hand, the brilliant, rich blue silk & wool blend yarn was a welcome change after so many hours of having the primary variegations of the Red Heart rubbing uncomfortably through my fingers.

So, nothing completed yet today, but quite a lot of progress on what I’d thought was a hopeless project, so feeling good!

Go Team Ohio!!!


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