Ravelympics Day 3

Oops! Once I laid down my knitting for the day, I decided I better plow through some of the mounting email pile, and when bedtime became mandatory, I logged off totally forgetting to check in with my daily report – even though I had a first completed WIP Wrestling project to share.

After some obligatory time in my sewing room – reloading the first two shelves and moving some furniture with DH’s help, facilitating work in the back corner, it was time for the Games to begin. As always, it seems, things took a totally different turn than expected. I started out knitting on the Charity blanket during the program, and on commercials began working through the area where I was absolutely positive I had a fourth ball of the much maligned yarn. After considerable effort on my part – which created a huge mess in the process – I came to the conclusion that said ball of yarn doesn’t exist, despite my previous conviction that I’d purchased four balls. Under that assumption, I decided to work as far as I could, then just bind it off small and hope that Project Linus would take it at about 32″ square. Of course, what actually happened is that I got about 20 stitches from the end and found I was out of yarn, so, just to prolong the agony of the project, I had the privilege of ripping out the bind off and last row and redoing the bind off. I can’t remember every being so glad to see a project over and done – and especially this one!

And my Gold Medal, duly presented to the tune of the Ravelry Anthem on the WIP Podium (Hey, no laughing! This is serious stuff here!):

In other knitting, I also bound off my Little River Wrap and sewed in the ends. It still begs a gentle blocking and fringe before I show it off and consider it complete, but I’m done with the knitting. I thought I would work on my Suri Shetland Throw

during my reading time during the rest of the Ravelympics, but last night’s 7 rows convinced me that it would be futile, as there is no way I’ll get that done during this time – presuming I’m going to work on other projects as well, so I think I’ll focus on my Fair Isle Basket next instead.

That should be very doable, and I think I can handle two color knitting at the same time as the audiobook. I did one whole row on the basket yesterday, but found it a poor companion to women’s gymnastics and put it away once I finally managed to get all my mistakes corrected on that single round.

My Green Chenille Throw is going to take the place of the Charity Blanket for prime time viewing time. Hopefully I can work in the little bits and pieces of all the smaller projects somewhere, as they aren’t moving very quickly at this point, as I’m finding it difficult to balance the remodeling, email, Ravelympics, Olympics (and my challenge with glasses) and everyday life all at once. I originally thought the little projects were going to be the easy ones!

Okay, time to start warming up for tonight’s events…


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