Day 7 Ravelympics Update

Another day, another medal – and the project box a little bit emptier in the process!

When I started counting projects and quickly found 16 doll outfits without even trying (have since laid my hands on “a few” more…), I started to understand the grumbles that had been emanating from the little folk living here. I also knew that a large portion of my WIP Wrestling would need to focus on sewing up and the other little details of finishing. And I knew that the kiddies would be happier about it than I would be feeling – though I rather like the end result.

First project is done and photographed (and I just finished another about 90 minutes ago, but it’s a bit dark out for taking pix), and I learned a lesson. Never let a little Japanese girl model an outfit of silk if you are planning to accessorize and sell it.

I’d had plans for this outfit to be a gift when I knit it, but it’s no longer needed, and my 1930’s girls each have one underway, so it was logical to think about making a hat and perhaps something else, then putting this one up for sale.

Last evening, Mariko slipped into this decadently soft dress for her first modeling job here, and by the time she was done showing it off, she’d announced that with her little golden shoes, a flower in her hair, and a silk, angora, or baby alpaca shawl that she’s sure I’ll be happy to knit for her, she’d be ready for a very special evening – suggested seeing her first ballet as an idea. Where did I lose control?

And how do I say “no” to a face like this???

Project notes: Model Mariko Nami was birthed by Babie Sloan. Her outfit was knit from Debbie Bliss Pure Silk yarn, which is exquisite to touch and a sensuous pleasure to have running through one’s fingers while knitting, on size 3 needles. Pattern is Succès by Inma Iglesias, a pattern inspired by a garment produced by Gautier-Languereau for Bleuette in the summer of 1937. I love Inma’s patterns. They are easy to make, clear to understand, and always seem to fit perfectly. I just wish I had little elves to do the finishing part!

In other knitting, I finished another outfit, which I should be posting tomorrow, and I worked in another ball of chenille yarn. I’ll be so glad when I’m done with that throw!


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  1. Could you please give me the contact information for Babie Sloan? I am in love with your Mariko, and would like to have one just like her.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! It’s been quite a few years since Mariko moved in (adopted from eBay), and during that time, I lost the email account with literally all my Bleuette adoption information. I was really upset! However, I did some googling and based on the fact that the seller is in the same town and is selling a number of dolls by Babie Sloan, I suspect this just might be the lady you are seeking – and look what is listed right now! Ebay auction If I still used eBay for anything beyond the occasional research, I’d drop a note to the seller. Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes. 🙂

  3. I deeply appreciate your very kind and fast reply to my inquiry! I will definetely consider this eBay listing. I am not registerd with eBay yet though. I wish if this seller could do Buy It Now option in the near future, so I will not have to register.

    Your blog is so informative and fun to look at!

    Thank you so very much and please have a great rest of the week!

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