Day 8 Ravelympics Update

And another outfit finished – the one to which I alluded yesterday has been duly photographed and logged into Ravelry, and I’m happy as can be to have earned another medal!

Mariette Elise is today’s model, this outfit having been hers from the very start, and as you can see, she’s one happy little Bleuette today. I’d done all the knitting last year, but not even begun to touch the finishing work. The crown and brim of the hat needed sewn together, as did the side seams and the purse. I crocheted a purse strap, sewed in all the ends for all four pieces, blocked the cape and dress, added a button to the cape, and shaped and stiffened the hat. Then I spent about an hour trying to decide just how to trim the purse and cape. Embellishments aren’t my forte, but I think these work, and, like I said, Mariette likes it, so that’s the important thing.

In fact, she is so pleased with her new outfit that she was heading straight off to the store to buy more yarn…

Pattern notes: This pattern is Élégance, a reproduction of a 1936 fashion by Gautier-Languereau for Bleuette, interpreted by Inma Iglesias. It was knit on size 3 needles from terracotta sportweight, Euroflax yarn.  I found that the yarn felt somewhat like string while knitting it, but it softened in my hands and even more in the water, and ended up with a very nice feel to it. I honestly enjoyed working with it, which is a good thing, considering how much more I have. As is my habit, this is a bit longer than the original, but otherwise, the pattern is worked as written and fits absolutely perfectly. Original is shown in two colors, but we opted for just one for Mariette. I used Aleene’s Stiffen Quik to shape the hat. It worked nicely, but it darkened the side of the hat which was sprayed, leaving it looking as if it is wet. In this situation, that wasn’t a problem, as it provided the perfect contrast to the outfit, but there are some places that I wouldn’t be so pleased with that result.

In other knitting, I finished and pressed another outfit, which will be posted tomorrow following a daylight photo shoot. I also got another ball of yarn worked into the Chenille Throw. I’m thinking the next ball will be the last. It’s getting so big that it’s really tough to manage, so I’ll be glad to be done with it.


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