Day 10 Ravelympics Update

I feel as if I skimmed in on this one by the skin of my teeth in a way. It was a terribly frustrating result, but I have dusted myself off and will be back into the fray regardless. And I did earn this today!

The project in question was a little romper suit, made from a Doris Thurlow pattern back in 2002. (Yes, I do realize that was 6 years ago…) I never got around to sewing on the buttons, nor did I make the little hat – but I’m getting a wee bit ahead of myself. The pattern was designed for a standing doll with a 6.5″ body (or 6.5″ tall?) and I wanted it for a little fellow who is, if memory serves me, more like 12″ and generally wanting to sit with his pudgy, unsteady baby legs in front of him for support. I did well with the adaptations, putting short rows in the seat and sizing up both yarn and needles, but then, beings as I so love finishing work, stopped sans buttons. I don’t suppose it helped much that dear little Aaron’s head, eyes, and pate are in a box in my sewing room, his body parts are in a box in the family room, and his replacement wig took forever to arrive, then came at a really bad time and has been mislaid Heaven only knows where. With no little fellow to wear the outfit, there wasn’t a strong craving to complete it.

Well… since I knew where it was and there was this Ravelympics business happening, I decided it was time for buttons and chapeau. I cast on the hat the other night and have been plugging away at it diligently. However, after over 3 hours of knitting, I looked at it with a critical eye and found three problems:

  1. I hate the style.
  2. It looks really stupid on him.
  3. It is probably too big even with hair.

So… it’s headed for the frog pond and not to be replaced. “Only” three hours down the drain, after all… sigh…

Then I dug out the little pearls I wanted to run down the back for closures, only to find they didn’t fit through the eyelets. When all was said and done, the actual project turned out to simply be sewing 3 buttons in place – period. I could have been done in 10 minutes, but it took me 4 hours to make that little discovery!

I do want to add that this was the very first time I ever did anything remotely resembling lace, and I was both amazed and quite proud of myself. I can look back even now and be quite startled that as little as I knew about knitting at the time, I was able to pull this off.

Project notes – not much to say! The yarn in question is Brown Sheep Cotton Fine that I purchased in person (decadent delight!) at Patternworks on a lovely and quite long solo trip through New England. I really love working with this yarn, and anticipate buying more in the future. The pattern, as I mentioned earlier, is one of Doris Thurlow’s, but I couldn’t find it on her site, so it might be discontinued – KDF 162A Heubach Character Boy “Buster.” In general, I didn’t have too many problems with it, if I’m remembering correctly, though the hat instructions had several confusing spots to puzzle through. I used size 2 needles since I was wanting it larger. Aaron is an antique Armand Marseille baby. I can’t remember quite how tall he actually is, and it’s a bit tough to measure him in his current state. One of these days, he will be the cover boy for a post – hopefully sooner than later!

In other knitting – what there is of it – I pulled out an Un deux-pièces écossais that I’d started sometime early last year for Martine. I knit the skirt, half done, to completion, then with my brain disengaged, started sewing the sleeves in place. About halfway around the first one, it suddenly dawned on me that I’d never put the vertical stripes on the sleeves, nor had I quite finished those on the body. That left me not only with the joy of much more finishing work that I’d originally noticed, but it also added the distinct pleasure of adding stripes to a sleeve securely sewn into a tube and attached halfway around to the bodice. Such a bright soul I was tonight… Suffice it to say, I didn’t get it finished even with nearly 3 hours of effort, so I’m not sure about a medal tomorrow at all. And for that matter, now that I’ve spilled this much of the story, I’m not sure I can hope for much of a post, either!

The other thing I did was perhaps the bravest and most dreaded action of this whole maneuver thus far. I have a Coriolis sock that suffered a tragic error, and it was too much to tink, so I did a lovely semi-frog, then had realized that I had no way to tell where I was in the project. Just to make things a bit more interesting, it’s laid untouched for three months. Now, keeping in mind that I’ve made precisely one complete sock in my life, this was a bit of a hurdle to overcome – or, perhaps to keep it in the correct sport, I was looking at what appeared to be a sumo wrestler. I’m happy to report that after a bit over an hour of work, I now have stitch markers back in place, found the proper beginning to a row, and actually know where I am on the pattern! Knitting this is the easy part; I’ve pinned the monster – and what a relief! My Coriolis socks actually have hope of being completed, and I’m excited!


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