Day 12 Ravelympics Update

Today could well be titled “Martine’s Most Excellent Day.” I have one very happy little girl, and here’s why…

After putting in about 10 hours work on this outfit, it’s done – and it’s darling! This is probably my favorite of Inma’s patterns for looks, but it’s a real bear with all the finishing work required. I always get done and say “never again,” but it’s a little bit like labor… and I’ve now completed three. Once the skirt, body of the sweater, and the sleeves are finished, there are already plenty of ends to sew under, due to the stripes. Then the vertical stripes are applied to the sweater – about 2 dozen of them, each with two more ends to darn, followed by all sorts of seaming and sleeve setting, the color stripes on the bottom of the skirt, then knitting the front bands and color, and lastly the buttons. I do believe I spend much more time with finishing work than with the basic knitting.

Project Notes: Pattern is Un deux-pièces écossais by Inma Iglesias. It is knitted in Euroflax sportweight, a linen yarn, on size 3 needles. Although I didn’t think I liked this yarn when it arrived, it really grew on me, softening as I used it, and now I’m rather fond of it and hope to obtain more. Much like cotton, it doesn’t have any stretch. Instead of snaps, I chose to use small buttons and push them through the knit. Although I’ve been able to skip a waist opening on others of this pattern, I felt it was needed with the linen, so there is also a button on the back waistband.

I thought it might be interesting to add photos of my first two versions of Un deux-pièces écossais, just for comparison of fiber and color choices. Mariette is modeling my first one, made in Cotton Shine by Knit Picks, which, I have to admit is cute but a little bulky for her size.

This second photo is Annette Gabrielle, modeling the one that I made on consignment. Yarn is Knit Picks Palette, which is wool, and it’s done in the same color scheme as Martine’s new outfit. The Palette yarn made a very nice outfit, with a somewhat less dense fabric than even Martine’s. It had an exceptionally good look for a vintage reproduction doll dress, and I’d definitely recommend it for such work.

Now, I said that Martine had an exceptionally good day. Actually, she’s positively glowing! I was on a roll, and I managed to complete a second outfit for her late in the afternoon, so we had quite a photo shoot as the day waned.

This is Élégance, the same outfit I completed a few days ago for Mariette. Like hers, it’s worked in the Euroflax sportweight yarn, but what a difference the color change makes! Martine is not a hat girl, so we skipped that accessory. No project notes really needed, as it’s the same as Mariette’s outfit and the Un deux-pièces above.

I’d chosen to use the same yarn for both of Martine’s outfits as a bit of an economy, since the Euroflax comes in very large skeins – especially compared to the needs of a doll clothing knitter. I designed them to have a totally different look, hoping to minimize the appearance of reusing the same yarns, but I totally neglected to realize the benefit of doing so until this evening when were were taking pictures. I’d inadvertently created a mix and match wardrobe for her! I have never seen her look any happier than she looked tonight when she realized she has three new outfits, each with its own special look. What more could any Bleuette want?

In other knitting, I spent a pretty frustrating evening working towards completing the next outfit. Don’t know if I’m going to make it or not, but at least it’s finally working for me. I also put in at the very least a dozen rows on my prayer shawl project. In 12 days, I have 12 completed projects, 11 of which count for Ravelympics, so I’m feeling really pleased with what I’ve done. I feel a bit like Michael Phelps when I say that my dream is to actually have 17 completed projects in the 17 days of the events – and it would be even better if that was 17 qualifying projects! However, the game is getting a little tougher now, so I’ll just have to give it my all and know that I’ve done well even already. But it’s definitely not time to slack!


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