Day 13 Ravelympics Update

I didn’t think it as going to happen, but I made it! I got another project done in time to take pictures and post it, despite the fact that this little beastie gave me some problems that paralyzed progress for quite a while during my prime work time. Despite all the hair pulling, Mariette now has a cute and comfortable play outfit, and she took her poodle, Ruffles, outside for a romp this evening as soon as I tied down the last end.

This outfit is Farniente, designed by Inma Iglesias as a copy of a Gautier-Languereau fashion designed for Bleuette in 1938. My problems revolved around finding the neckline too low for my taste. When I added a couple of rows of crochet to make it higher, it lost the stretch needed to allow it to slip on easily. I guess I’m a bad maman, but I have to confess to resorting to head removal in order to put this outfit on the doll. Happily, dolls have no memory attached to that procedure – just a spot of amnesia that they seem to move past quite quickly. I think I suffer more from the guilt than they do from the surgery.

Project notes: I worked this with size 3 needles with Brown Sheep Cotton Fine, a yarn which I’ve grown to love. It’s so very soft when its worked… Wouldn’t mind having something for myself from this yarn. I worked two rows of crochet around the neck, then one matching, but looser row around each sleeve to provide a finished look. Inma says there was no edge finishing whatsoever in the original tank top. Personal taste led me to make the shorts a bit longer than the pattern. The hat in the pattern has pieces crossing the crown and a wide, flat brim. I knit them, then sat down with Mariette to see how to position them. I popped the brim section on her head and it was so cute just as it was with the ruffled edge that I decided to stiffen it that way and leave off the cross pieces. I used the Stiffen Quik again for this project, and it didn’t discolor the white yarn a bit.

In other knitting, which, as you can see, was supervised by Mariette, I worked diligently at her twin brother’s outfit, which is getting close enough to being done that I think it will make it for tomorrow. Mariette, as you may recall, is one of my little knitters, guilty of helping produce this massive pile of UFOs I’ve been trying to pare down. I rather thought she could have picked up a needle and helped sew in ends or something, but she says sewing needles are too sharp for such a little girl as she. Yeh… right… At least she was where I could watch her in the yarn tub, and not making more work for me to sew up. ;o)


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