Day 14 Ravelympics Update

(Apologies for the picture change. Something is different on the site right now, and the thumbnails aren’t enlarging. I’ve put in medium size pix and will replace with blow-up thumbnails if and when that option starts working again.)

Yes! I did it! I really didn’t know if I was going to make it done in time with this project, as my knitting group met early this evening, but I was able to finish just in time – well, even early enough that the twins got to go outside and play for a little while!

There was little doubt that Mikkey’s Farniente needed to directly succeed Mariette’s. Although there was no hat to make for him, I had not even cast on the shirt, so there was still plenty of work to do. I’d already knit the shorts in the golden yellow, and I’d decided to start his tank top with white ribbing to be the direct opposite of Mariette’s. When I got everything finished and he tried it on, I got an immediate scowl. In his opinion, the shirt was too girlie. After one of those arguments that never goes anywhere with a little boy of his age, Claire, whom the entire crew admires for her fashion sense, added her two cents worth – on his side. Since Mariette was willing, I finally gave in and let them trade shirts, and in all honesty, I have to admit they knew more than I did in this situation.

This is their first twin outfits and they are absolutely thrilled to have matches, as you can see.

Inspired by all the volleyball they’ve been watching on the Olympics, they decided Mikkey’s beloved soccer ball could lead a double life. Much to Mikkey’s frustration and his Squirt the Raccoon’s delight, they need a whole lot more practice, but they had a blast, and I really enjoyed the time away from my end darning. ;o)

Project notes: Really, it’s all the same as yesterday. Pattern by Inma Iglesias, an interpretation of one of the Gautier-Languereau fashions for Bleuette – Farniente. I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fine yarn, which is, if you will excuse the blatant pun, a fine yarn, and size 3 needles. Pattern was clear and easy to understand, but I’m still frustrated about the neck problem, and will investigate some changes before I make any for the other girls. And, as I mentioned earlier, Mikkey is wearing the shirt that Mariette was modeling yesterday, and Mariette managed to end up with the new one from today.

In other knitting, I’ve finished up the next outfit, so come the good light, I’m ready for more photos, and keeping up with my goal of one item per day. Once I finished with it, I started working on my erstwhile Coriolis, and I can say proudly that this time I paid attention to the heel instructions and the sock is much more anatomically shaped. I’m nearly all the way up the back of the heel, so hopeful that I might yet complete it before the torch goes out. I’m not holding my breath, though, as cyan isn’t my color… Oh – and I hauled my swift and ball winder to my knitting group meeting, and in between coaching newbie knitters, I wound four skeins of my prayer shawl yarn into cakes, which means there won’t be a delay when I need them here.


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