Day 15 Ravelympics Update

Medal #14

Medal #16


Okay – wow!!! I didn’t really believe this was going to happen, and especially not this soon, but wow!!! But… I guess I shouldn’t jump the gun, so will start where I’d expected and end with a big bang. :o)

This is the outfit I mentioned having finished yesterday. Mariette and I went out for pics Friday evening. As much as she loves it, she’s a little sad, as it’s the last outfit she’s getting from this Ravelympic challenge. As you can see, it was a breezy day, not the best for modeling a wide brimmed hat!

This is Hélios, the same outfit I finished last week for Martine. Mariette loves hats, so I made the complete outfit for her, and instead of beads, I attached the straps with little shell buttons. I was going to say “she looks so cute in this,” but to be honest, she manages to look adorable in pretty much anything she wears. I couldn’t resist taking another portrait…

Project notes: This is Hélios, a pattern by Inma Iglesias, an interpretation of a Gautier-Languereau fashion for Bleuette from 1934. I made this one from Sirdar 4-ply Cotton on size 3 needles. I used Stiffen Quik to shape the hat, and it did darken the color slightly, but I used it sparingly. Trim is pink silk embroidery ribbon. The dress is a perfect fit, but the hat was close. I’ve learned a lot since I was knitting it, and I should have used a more flexible bind-off. At the time I knit it, I knew precisely one cast on and one bind off. Amazing how much I’ve learned in the last year or two. :o)

Here’s where I expected to end with my “in other knitting” section, but…

Can you believe this? I surely can’t!!! I actually finished my Spiraling Coriolis Socks!!! I had one knit before the challenge started, but this past spring, I made a huge blunder on the heel of the second, and in total terror of the rip out, coupled with trying to imagine what it would be like to figure out where I was in the pattern and where to put the stitch markers led me to stuff them out of sight for months, despite the fact that I dearly loved sock number one. Not only did I do the frogging, I figured out precisely where I was on the pattern with one painfully long parry, and with two more nights of work, I knit an anatomically correct heel, then added the ankle and cuff. I really did it – my first pair of hand knit socks finished!

Slipping them onto my feet was a wonderful treat – the first time I can ever remember having a pair of socks that truly fit my feet – and perfectly! Tell you what… I could really get addicted to this incredible feeling very quickly!

Pattern notes: These are Spiraling Coriolis designed by Cat Bordhi and presented in her book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters. I learned early on not to take any shortcuts on measuring and pre-planning. Following Cat’s instructions to the most minute detail provided me with socks that have a glove perfect fit. I used Merino 5 yarn, which held up well to my multiple rippings and produced beautiful socks with nice detail showing on the spirals. However, it was definitely splitty, which was a challenge at times. I chose size 2 needles, which produced a fabric I liked very well. You can see in the photos that I made comparatively short tops. This is because I’m most likely to wear socks with fold down tops, so am used to the feel of them stopping at the top of my ankle. I saw absolutely no reason to knit a lot of extra cuff that would feel odd to me. I only needed 3 balls of yarn, so I have one left over, and I have a number of very short kiddies eying it with glee. I found making the symmetric spiral bands to be an interesting challenge, which definitely made me pay attention to my work, but which wasn’t difficult if I kept my mind to what I was doing.

In other knitting – and yes, there was other beyond my cloud floating over my wonderful new socks. (Did I say how much I love them and how excited I am?) I’ve not posted the socks on Ravelry yet, because I finished another outfit in between the Hélios and the Coriolis, and being me, I wanted to post them in order. It was dark before I got it finished, though, so I need to wait for pictures, meaning you all see the socks first. (Love those things…) And it means that I have my project finished for tomorrow, and better yet, I’m still on track to have 17 WIPs whipped in 17 days – presuming I can stop dancing around long enough to settle down and do another. ;o)


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