Day 16 Ravelympics Update

Medal #15

Medal #18

Medal #17


Wow! I’m in total shock, but thrilled! I will add that I also have a dandy backache… In addition to the other project that I didn’t photograph yesterday, I finished not one, but two more today! I didn’t dream I’d ever get this far into the pile. :o)

Before I go any farther, there is definitely something up with the photo service here at WordPress, so for now, I’m using medium sized photos. Pretty much everything I’m posting of project work is also on my Flickr site in a larger size, link in the sidebar. (Edited for change 9/10/08 – seems to be fixed now, at least for the time being, so I’m going back to replace all static photos with click to enlarge version. :o))

First up is Martine sharing her final Ravelympics outfit and my fourth dress from Inma’s Succès pattern. Of course, this is an interpretation of a Gautier-Languereau oufit sold for Bleuette in the 1930’s. Martine’s outfit is made in that decadent Pure Silk yarn by Debbie Bliss, and in a color that really sets off Martine’s pretty blue eyes. I adore that yarn, but doubt I will every use it for something for me, as it seems to be somewhat tender – and very pricey. Nice to use it for the girls, though, and I get the pleasure of feeling it slink through my fingers in the bargain. I opted to use a bit of rayon ribbon yarn for the tie on this dress, as I don’t feel like this yarn will make a good long term tie solution. As usual, I did lengthen the dress somewhat.

Second project done this past evening was something I’d started last year in California on one trip, using yarn purchased in Colorado on another trip, so it’s a bit of a souvenir for me, as well as something special for Remy. Pattern is Mock Cable Knit Cardigan by Patti-Ann Stanley, yarn is Rowan Bamboo Soft (awesome yarn!), and it was knit with size 3 needles.

Project notes: I messed up a few things on this pattern, but I can get by with it. The worst was that I didn’t use a stretchy bind off at the neck opening, and though Remy says he wouldn’t be caught dead buttoning a cardigan up all the way anyway, I still feel a bit bad about the error. He thought the mandarin collar look was sort of neat, and I’m not going to argue with him. I’d just as leave let him like it, you know? I also didn’t have him along when I was making this, so I wasn’t able to make any alterations that might have helped fit his Raikes Bobette style body better.

His only real complaint, though, is that he doesn’t have a shirt to wear under it, and the pants I picked up last year on ebay are hopeless! He seems to think a new outfit would be in order. I can’t say I really disagree with him, to be quite honest. The girls are appalled he would even allow me to take this picture, let alone post it. I told them it’s a guy thing – but in all honesty, I think he’s just bucking for some sympathy.

Now, last but certainly not least… I spent four hours last night discovering just why it was that I finished my Lady’s Circular Cape (Knit Picks Shadow yarn) and laid it aside instead of blocking it. I started and unpinned it at least 4 times before I got it figured out, and even then, it was a tediously slow project with no way to work at it easily. My back is screaming – but it’s done! Until I find a model or free the currently entrapped mannequin in my sewing room, this photo of it blocked out will have to do. I hope I figure out a much better way to block it before it ever needs a washing. If I didn’t love to knit lace so much, the blocking of it would put me off of the idea very quickly indeed. Wonder if there are blocking fairies for hire…

In other knitting – wait! There was no other knitting! Heading into the last hours of the Ravelympic Games, so not sure there will be anything more happen here. I’ve definitely learned to never say never, though.


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