Day 17 Ravelympics Wrap Up

Well… It’s over…

I’m not sure what made me deviate from my normal pattern, but instead of waiting until Sunday afternoon to post my two completed projects on Ravelry, for some reason I decided to do it in the morning, then poked around a little bit looking to see what other people had been completing. Then I thought I should find the official finishing time, so I could decide how I was going to spend my Sunday. Was I ever surprised to find that finished projects not posted by midnight Beijing time – noon here – didn’t count! I surely was glad for that little deviation I’d taken!

So, my final count is 18 completed qualifying projects – 18 that were laying in a nagging pile of incompletion less than 3 weeks ago, but now each provide a smile of contentment when they cross my mind. In addition, I spent about 3 hours finishing the knitting on my Little River Wrap and the delicate little Hitty Shawl, so it’s been quite an exciting 17 days here. I finished a lovey blanket, an afghan, felted basket, two shawls, my first pair of socks, and a mountain of clothes enough to spoil a fair number of Bleuettes – and I’m grinning from ear to ear – though I must say that the empty hole in my project box is startling, and the in progress section of my Ravelry page looks quite strange indeed. Here’s an odd bit of perspective on the last two and a half weeks.

Lest you be tempted to underestimate that pile, that is a gigantic spool of thread, and the heap of cut ends and empty needles and such is 4″ high and has a 7″ base! Should be interesting to sort through…

It was finally time for my celebratory cast on, and I chose to do just one of my promised starts this evening, making a beeline for my Thordic Icelandic Shawl kit. I ended up using size 7 needles, as I’m guessing I’ll be prone to knitting this fairly tightly, I didn’t have size 4 in a long enough cable (lack of sufficient planning), and a lot of people said theirs came out smaller than hoped. I cast on all 339 stitches provisionally without a hitch and knit the first 8 rows. Despite some comments on Ravelry about this being a boring knit, I’m actually looking forward to something a bit mindless but not totally dull, and I have my Suri Shetland Throw to work if I need a bit of spice.

So, it’s over… and it seems quite strange actually. I can’t believe 17 days could go so quickly, nor that I could accomplish so much in that time – and I’ll miss it, I’m sure. But now it’s time to get back to my version of real life, and there are 4 remodeling projects, a good bit of clutter, and a painfully large mountain of email all awaiting my hand.

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