I Can’t Shake the Feeling…

No matter how many times I started to write this post over the last few days, I just can’t shake this feeling of being a hamster. Lest you think I’m totally nuts… well…

If you’ve ever had a pet hamster, you may have noticed that they have an inborn hobby of trying to find a way out of the confines of their cages. Let’s face it, though. The average hamster’s life consists on eating, sleeping, and running endlessly on a wheel going nowhere, and that’s not what God designed them to do. Originally, they had to hunt for food, escape predation, and seek safe shelter, which would be more than enough to keep them busy full time. So, our little caged buddies want a life. Can you blame them? Of course they want to escape that existance in a confined box! And when they get out, they vanish into thin air. I don’t quite know how it is that captive born hamsters are so good at it with no training or practice, but once they are out, they excel at avoiding capture. I don’t like it when I’m trying to be the captor, but you do have to admire that trait, if you think about it…

Anyway, if you’ve managed to recapture one of these furry convicts and plunked them down into a freshly cleaned cage after they’ve been out for a few days, you’ve seen them painstakingly explore every square inch to scope out what sort of damage you’ve done to their home, then brisky set about putting it back in order, hiding the best bits of food in one corner, excavating another to reproduce the perfect bed, and, of course, check every nook and cranny just in case there’s an opening they didn’t know about. Then, most likely exhausted, your wee friend curls up in a little ball and goes to sleep.

Perhaps you’ve already gone there with me, but I’m going to say it anyway. I think that most of us live in a cage of our own – four corners, eat, sleep, run on the wheel, and dream of getting out. I don’t think we were really designed for this any more than a hamster. I was unquestionably looking for an escape a month ago. (Well, actually before that, but by the end of July, I was getting pretty desperate – totally sick of anything to do with paint cans or mouse poo.) Along came the Ravelympics, and seeing the opening, I bolted! What a grand feeling to get out of my cage and avoid anything much resembling real life. It felt incredibly good – even if, like the escaped hamster, I missed out on a few meals.

Then it was over. I was caught and plunked back into the cage. Sigh… However, there actually was a bit comfort in going back to normal, whether I want to admit it or not. The first week I dug busily into some of the neglected chores and email, and reassessed where I stood on some of the remodeling projects. And, of course, I cast on my new knitting projects. All in all, I was doing a pretty good job of getting my nest squared away, and though I still wouldn’t mind knitting all day, it wasn’t all that bad.

Until September hit, it wasn’t that bad. I’m not going to go into all the past week brought, but it started out with my brakes going out with no warning when I changed my mind about passing a driver who was putting down a country road and ended with a YahooGroup nightmare that reduced me to tears, and those were just the bookends. Now I’m looking very hopefully toward this coming week, praying for something better!

I do have some things to share here, but will spread them out over the next few days. However, now that I’ve talked at least one of your ears off – or whatever happens to people who read long blog entries – I do want to brag just a bit about my hurdle just crossed (at long last!) You may have noticed that my sewing room project really got logged down shortly after my daughter went home. That’s because I headed back into the corner where I have my sewing desk – and where the mice must have held nightly beer parties, from the looks of things. Not only did they explore every square inch of everything that was out in the open – and there was plenty of that to explore – but they also managed to get inside every closed drawer, which isn’t a pretty picture when you are talking about a sewing desk crammed full of thread and sewing tools and such. If I were rich enough, I’d have opened the drawers, taken an inventory, employed a dumpster, then gone to the store and replaced it all. However, that option wasn’t… well… and option. :o( Instead, I got to pick the stuff out, wash it, sanitize it, scrub the drawers, and reload them at a cost of about 2 hours per drawer. And then there was all that stuff on top… All told, the time investment was at least 14 hours just for the desk and its contents, and I’ve not yet put away everything that I decided didn’t belong in there with my new organization. However, as of last night, my sewing desk has gone from this:

to this!

And for the record, everything you see in the second photo was in the first photo… Nasty, eh? Any wonder I feel mighty good to have it done? :o)

BTW, all the drawers are clean, tidy, and closed!

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  1. Wow – Congratulations on making HUGE progress!

  2. Thanks much!

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