Just a Quick Update

This has been a super involved last few days, so I’ve not been able to blog everything I’d planned – yet. However, I got one project to the current version of complete and wanted to share. This is my Way of Life Stole with clue 3 completed. It’s getting big enough to be tough to pin out, so there are a lot more irregular looking stitches, which is driving me nuts in the photo. I know they are all knit correctly, but up close and unblocked, it’s challenging my lace knitting sensibilities big time! However, for better or worse, here it is.

Waiting for Thursdays is such a pain right now. I’m loving working on this and wish I could just fly straight through it instead of having to wait for the next clue. Even worse, I think I’m going to be away for the last clue or two, so we are talking some seriously delayed gratification!

I did want to add that I feel like the new stitch markers have made a world of difference. The ones I bought from Knit Picks are fine with thicker yarn, but the rings are open just a bit, and lace yarn slides into them almost every time. How it slides in so easily and is such a problem to remove is beyond me. I was having to stop every 18 stitches and work the yarn gently back through the rough edges, which really slowed me down. In addition, the markers were moving around, which was allowing me to make errors undetected. The markers from Lacis are solid rings, and for lace knitting, I’m considering that a must now. My speed has picked up dramatically since I no longer have to stop, and I’ve not made a serious error since I put them on the needles. Why I never bought them before is beyond me!

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