Progress Report

I don’t have much time, but I wanted to at least post this week’s progress report from two of my KAL shawls before I go to bed.

My Way of Life Shawl continues to be my Siren, as I just can’t put it down when a new clue arrives. On Thursday morning, clue #5 was revealed, and by late Friday night, I was done with the 24 rows, and more than a few CD’s of my current audiobook had been wantonly gluttonized as well. So much for only listening to one per day to make the pleasure last… Since there are 9 clues in all, I’m now past the halfway point, and though I’m eager to see the finished shawl, I’ll be sorry to see it done, too. I’m really glad I have more projects using the Dream in Color Baby I bought from Loopy Ewe, as I’ve loved every moment of working with it so far, and I find the subtlety of the color changes to be the perfect way to add interest to a lace project without overwhelming the pattern. The good thing about completing this will be seeing it blocked nicely instead of displayed with just a bit pinned out the best I can get it.

I’ve also completed Clue #2 on my Sky Drama shawl (pattern title Fall Mystery Shawl). This one is giving me a run for my money as it requires the knitter to do some of the project designing on the hoof, so to speak. I’m frequently finding things that don’t work the way I expect, which leads me to readjust a lot of what I’ve done. After a substantial bit of time playing with charting, I opted to put two rows of flowers in this section, and thought I had a great idea in using twisted stitches for the stems. In the end, that ended up not to show a bit, due to the open feeling of the background fabric. Below the flowers, I wanted something solid to anchor them – some sort of ground. My first two concepts didn’t work, but the third seemed to do the trick, at least up close in person. I worked 4 ridges of garter stitch interspersed with staggered slipped stitches, and it makes a nice texture. After working the first few blossoms, I decided to change the style of decrease, and instead of a bead at the base of each flower, I worked a centered eyelet. And, after I’d worked the beads into the flowers and was disappointed that they were not in the center of the blossoms, one of the group members posted that the beads would be centered if they were put onto the stitch AFTER it was knitted instead of before. I found that awkward, but discovered that it worked well for me to place the beads during the ensuing purl row. I’m extremely grateful for her posting that, though I’m baffled as to why I didn’t think of the idea myself… I have the third clue graphed and just started, and since I’m just a few days behind on this one, I’m hoping very much that this clue goes smoothly for me.


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  1. De-De…They look beautiful!! I really like your Way of Life. I didn’t cast on for that one, I’m saving it. Great progress on FS!!

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