Back on the Job

It’s been a long while since I’ve said much about my sewing room, mostly because it’s been somewhat neglected. Having worked very diligently to get the back wall ready for the wallpaper liner in September, we were blessed with what I have less than fondly referred to as a dry hurricane. The Sunday afternoon that was to be “the day” was sunny and clear – a very deceptive day, because we also played host to Hurricane Ike, as he pushed a massive front through Ohio. I’ve never seen wind like what we experienced – and yes, it was hurricane force winds. Considering it was blowing lumber off the picnic table, which is in a sheltered location, pasting wallpaper there would have required nailing the stuff down! To make matters worse, the wind took out the power not only for us, but for millions of others, and I’m not keen on trying to hang paper in the dark.

Turns out that this was just the beginning of what was to be a very frustrating adventure for me. Power was restored the next day to most everyone. We even got power here – sort of… We have two power feeds to our house, and one came back just fine, while the other didn’t. I knew immediately that spelled trouble, as individual outages are very low on the totem pole, and since we had a little bit of power, too, I was sure we were in for the long haul. What we had was lights in the kitchen, downstairs bathroom, laundry room, and master bedroom, which included having the refrigerator and freezer working. This was a sincere blessing, and I’m far from being ungrateful. However, what we did without was power to all other rooms, and everything on the 220 line was out, hence no stove, oven, washer, dryer, hot water heater, or air conditioning. Whereas I could see in the kitchen, I couldn’t cook. I could see in the laundry room, but not wash clothes. And I could see my goosebumps in the bathroom if I decided to take a cold water bath… DH ran a heavy duty extension cord through the house so I could be online, meaning I didn’t go totally nuts. However, by the end of 12 days of groping around my house by flashlight and taking diaper wiper baths, I was a certified grouch. In fact, I was in such a foul mood that I didn’t even trust myself to blog about it.

A few hours before the end of the 12th day, I called the power company to see if we were on the schedule. No… sigh… So I called some friends and begged piteously to use their shower, which after nearly 2 weeks sounded mighty fine. I got home two hours later to find our power restored, 12 days almost to the minute after we originally lost it. Wish I’d have done the shower bit a lot sooner!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand… It was several more weekends before DH and I both had the same day available for a big project again, but it did happen at long last. I’m sure glad this part of the project is done! Here’s the new look on the back wall in my sewing room.

Impressed? Oh… Would you be more impressed if I reminded you that it used to look like this?

I know that wall pretty intimately now, truth be told. First I sanded the paneling, then I scrubbed it. Next came a coat of primer, followed by the wallpaper liner, which is hung horizontally (always fun… and definitely not a solo project). By the time it has two more coats of primer over the liner, it looks very white, but it’s also barely changed appearance in quite a while – not a terribly rewarding project actually, especially if glare white isn’t your favorite look. I’m working on two coats of brown now, so if not for having already been over the wall 6 times, it wouldn’t be too bad of a task. More pix coming – and hopefully soon! I’m eager to have my room back, but there’s so much else happening, it’s tough to spend much time in there. However, when I DO get in to work, I have to say that it’s a tremendous joy to not have to look at any fake wood whatsoever!

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