Impending Internet Fast

Looks like I’m going to be offline for about three weeks – until the end of November. I haven’t been away from the internet that long since I first discovered it something like eight or nine years ago, and quite frankly, I’m a little worried about the withdrawal symptoms I’m expecting. Presuming I survive said reaction, I should be back at the beginning of December, perhaps a little dazed, but certainly happy to be here again, I’m sure!

Before I disappear, I wanted to share the latest photo of my Way of Life shawl, which is now worked up to date through clue 8, so just one more to go. Thankfully, this clue was back to my normal “quick and easy,” with no tragedies. I still love every inch of this thing, and I absolutely cannot wait to see it off the needles and blocked! It’s almost more than I can resist to keep from spending knitting time moving it over to a really long cable so I can spread it out for the full effect, but they say patience is a virtue… With it now being over two feet wide, I can’t even stretch enough of it to take a horizontal photo anymore, so this week it’s going to be a vertical slice.


Unable to resist, I have also put a total of 6 rows into my Rose Trellis, which I pretend that I’m not working on, since it defies reason that I should even consider the possibility. There was just enough time at the end of my audiobook CD tonight when the Way of Life clue was finished for me to squeeze one row onto it, but the rest of the household was asleep, so I don’t think I was seen. I’ll post pix of  what I’m not working on when it’s big enough to be seen, after I’m back online.

And ’til then, I’ll miss you all, miss being here, and appreciate a prayer here and there if I happen to cross your mind. Take care – and I’ll see you next month!

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  1. Oh dear, 3 weeks is an awfully long time in “computer years” 😉 Best wishes, and I love the Way of Life!

  2. Your rose trellis is stunning! Can’t wait ’til you are able to be back online to see more.

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