Turned a Corner!

With very little fanfare at the actual moment, I turned a huge corner in my lagging sewing room this past evening. I’ve barely been in there the past few months, due in large part to trip prep and actual travel. It’s been frustrating, as I’d wanted to start putting it back together while the weather was still decent, and I still had painting to do outdoors. Somehow, I think that our temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s aren’t quite what Behr recommends for paint application, though. But, I digress…

So, since I came home, I’ve stolen a few minutes here and there and nudged DH a few times for some of the detail work, and in the process, managed to get every bit of the painting at the back end of the room completed at long last. I can hardly believe I’m saying that! However, tonight he carried down the big tote with my Central and South American dolls and treasures, and I reloaded the high shelves on the back wall. It was a lot of fun to dust off each piece and really look at them again for the first time in years. One does tend to get jaded to a constant display. I was surprised to find that I have two dolls using drop spindles, one of the girls being just over an inch tall! She was purchased years ago, and I’m not even sure I knew what it was she was doing at that point. Now she’s an even better treasure!


Pardon the funny angle. Space is tight and I did the best I could.

So, why is this such a major turning point for me? Well, that is the first location in the room that something has been officially put into its permanent new home, not to be moved again! There will be much to move, sort, clean, and shuffle in the days to come, but I’m done with those two high shelves for good! I’m SO excited!!!

About the dolls and other treasures – I’ve been accumulating these for about 25 years. They range in age from very vintage to bought new last month. Some are gifts brought by traveling friends and family, some purchased on my own journeys. Many have been rescued from yard sales, some from stores, and several from doll shows I used to attend when they had them on Saturdays in Ohio. The dolls and other items come from Peru, Uruguay, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Cuba, various Carribean Islands, and other Latin American Countries, and, if you look very closely, you might even be able to figure out which three of the dolls I made myself! Leave a comment if you’d like to guess. :o)


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