A Small Miracle Happened Here

Hang onto your hats! The oddest thing happened Saturday night, and I’m at a loss to explain it. I sat down to knit, and it turned out that my audiobook had a short CD, so I completed only four rows on my Rose Trellis Shawl. That’s when it happened…

Normally, I’d have grabbed a second disk and kept on with the Rose Trellis – my current pet project. Instead, I turned on the KnitPicks podcasts to start catching up on the ones I missed – and finished the peach cashmere Razor Shell Lace Scarf instead – and even sewed in the ends! All it lacks is to be washed and blocked.

I had loads of time left, and I should have tackled my backed up email, but sense had apparently flown out the door, as I found myself pulling out the audiobook again, and of all things, my poor, abandoned Thordis Icelandic Shawl. It had been pushed aside at the end of September when all the KAL’s started in close succession. Unbelievably, I finished knitting it and cast off, then, with the help of another podcast, sewed in all the ends and finished the last of the crochet edging.  All it lacks is to be washed and blocked.


The podcast had ended and another started by the time I was done with Thordis, and I did want to finish listening to it. Did I pick up my Rose Trellis for a few well deserved reward rows? No! My hand drifted over to where my Way of Life was folded, and before I could stop myself, I’d threaded my needle and woven in the ends on that shawl as well. All it lacks is to be washed and blocked.

By this time, I realized I was totally helpless to resist the strange force that had obviously taken over my body, so I didn’t even try to fight it when I found my Honduras Washcloth suddenly laying in front of me… Ends are woven in. All it lacks – is to be used!


I went to bed in a daze. Thankfully, whatever it was has completely dissipated, and today common sense has been restored. I cast on my Pearled Romance. :o)

I do need to know… Does doing the icky finishing work on four projects in one night neutralize the purchase of five projects worth of yarn the day before?


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