Snowflakes and Lace

I’ve decided to take on a challenge – definitely not the most painful I’ve accepted, either. I’ve joined the winter session of Session of Seasons of Lace. The goal is simply to knit as much lace as possible between December 21 and March 21. Somehow it seems fitting in our northern climate to have God’s lace floating through the air outside while my knitted lace drifts onto my lap in ever growing folds indoors.

I’ve been lining up my projects – mostly a matter of crowd control, to be quite honest! Despite my finishing frenzy the other night, there is still a lot vying for my time, so it’s hard to say just what exactly I will be able to finish in the next three months. However, here’s what I know for certain…

There was no way I could resist inaugurating a new challenge with a new project, so I cast on my Pearled Romance Sunday night. I’m using laceweight yarn from Fearless Fibers in the Rubicund colorway, and the beads are Dyna-mites from Fire Mountain Gems in Cream Soda. I’ve worked 16 rows so far this week, and will post a photo once it’s long enough to start looking like something. For now, here’s my yarn and bead combo. They are working together beautifully, and I’m very pleased with my choices.


Rose Trellis currently looks like this, and will definitely be staying a primary project. It’s at 45% complete.


My Spring Violets Shawl has been dozing in my project box lately, resting comfortably at the halfway mark. Since I’d like to have it done for spring, it’s a perfect project to work on in this challenge, and with Christmas happenings over the next few days, I should have plenty of opportunity to work on it, as it’s relatively mindless lacework in the center section especially.


Sky Drama has been in the time out corner. I was working the hearts and decided a few rows too late that I wanted both rows to be right side up. I’ve not had  the right sort of time to pick out and reknit the 16 that are set the wrong way. I’ve been figuring “after the first of the year” to get it back into shape, so it fits into the project list nicely, too.


I will be casting on either today or tomorrow to make a second Razor Shell Lace Scarf, this time from a pretty sage green Jojoland Cashmere. That yarn has me spoiled in regard to what should be running through my fingers! Wish you could reach through the screen and feel it! If I have to do a pattern twice in rapid succession, at least it makes it tough to complain when it’s cashmere!


I’ve been holding off starting my Bronte project for the Knitting the Classics group, but Jane Eyre is sitting here in my stack of audiobooks from the library, so I’d like to work on that scarf while reading the book, then put it back until I choose my next Bronte title. The pattern calls for fingering weight yarn, but stash diving pulled up my favorite option as being a laceweight, so I’m going to swatch it and see what I think. This is laceweight alpaca and silk from Fiber Optics in the Lazy River colorway.


I’m also going to have a mystery shawl KAL starting on Christmas Eve – or at least the rest of the group is starting that day. I’m not sure I’ll be able to start before the beginning of next week. I suppose it would help if I could settle on which yarn I want to use. I’m pretty sure I’m using one of my Colourmart cones, but which color, weight, and fiber? Hmmm…


New Year’s Day needs a new shawl cast on as well, though it might be just that – cast on and not much else, at least until I get one or two other things off my needles. I just like the thought of starting the year by starting a shawl I’ve been wanting for a long while, so my Dream in Color Baby in Jade is going to start its journey to becoming Sivia Harding’s Shetland Garden. I expect this shawl to be addictive, so I’m going to do everything I can for the next week to get some of the underway projects completed.


I have yarn here for several vests, and I’m thinking about adapting at least one of them to include a lace panel instead of plain knitting, especially since I bought a solid color of yarn. I think I’d like the small challenge of making that change. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what comees of that!

And last, but not least, I think I want to whip up one of Meg’s Swansen’s Bridal Purses from A Gathering of Lace, just for something fun and quick. I have a ball of Panda Silk that seems just perfect for the project…

So, that’s the plan for the immediate future… and if it doesn’t keep me out of trouble until March, there are plenty more projects begging for their turn… like a golden butterfly shawl for summer, and a pretty little black number, and…


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