Call the Doctor or the Circus?

I’d really like to see what just happened on a video replay – I think…

I’d done some cleaning and moved the fan, which moved the cord. Apparently I didn’t get the cord back in the correct location. This is not a good thing. I’ve been stepping over the cord in the same spot for several years. With it in a different spot… well, I didn’t step over it, but instead, I caught the toe of my sandal with it. At the time, I just happened to be carrying a half full gallon of paint in one hand and a somewhat green, just used paintbrush in the other. I was not wearing my normal painting clothes. And I was walking across an unfinished hardwood floor.

I must have taken my guardian angel by surprise, as I didn’t get off Scot free, but what did happen was nothing short of a miracle. In an effort to not crash to the floor or create the worst mess I’d ever needed to clean up, I tried to stop myself with several pieces of furniture and a couple of plastic tubs in the area. (This is one time it was actually good to have too much stuff around!) I made contact with various surfaces at least six times. I abraded my right forearm twice – in two different directions and hit it hard enough to create a big lump. My right wrist hurts, my shoulder will have a substantial bruise in another hour or two,  I scraped the back side of that elbow, and there will be another deep bruise on my knee. On my left side, I came down hard enough on my foot that my ankle is hurting and a little bit stiff, and I ripped my thumbnail, which I thankfully had just cut short a few hours earlier. I also wrenched my lower back a bit.

However, with all that, I not only never actually hit the floor, but I didn’t spill a drop of paint, nor did the brush leave anything behind anywhere, including on my clothes! How I bounced around like a pinball and did that much damage to myself, yet didn’t get even a trace of paint where it didn’t belong is beyond me, and I’d sure like to see how I managed it! Next week, once I’m not so stiff I can’t move (which is a feeling that is coming on very quickly now), perhaps I’ll look into learning to juggle. I seem to have an untapped talent here!

And by the way, I had just moments earlier completed painting the first of the big drawers for the drawered cabinet that goes under the TV in the nook – the one I posted a few days ago with the cats using it as a hideout. One down, five to go… :o)

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