Concerto Knit-along Starts Today!

I’ve been terribly remiss in advertising this little adventure I’ve found myself enjoying! I guess I should start back at the beginning…

Several months ago, Arlene, the owner of my LYS, Fiberworks in Beavercreek, Ohio, asked me if I would teach beginning and intermediate lace knitting classes at the store this autumn. There was no way I was going to turn down something that should be that much fun! However, it did leave me with a bit of a project this summer, and it’s usurped the majority of my other knitting. I needed to create some patterns and knit them if I was going to have something to teach. The first one came together quickly, and with the help of some friends, was christened “Concerto.” There was no doubt the second would be “Symphony,” but she was a tough little gal to find. She’s currently being knit, with finishing deadline of this coming Friday evening. I’m planning a lot of quality time with needles the rest of this week. 😉

Anyway, I started thinking that there were a lot of people joining our Yarnfeathers Group on Yahoo, saying that they wanted to learn to knit lace , and here I had a stole and scarf I’d designed expressly for the purpose of teaching lace newbies the basics of the art. A call to Tina resulted in as strong an affirmative as I’d given Arlene, and soon the start date was posted. I got Symphony finished and posted her to Ravelry, and now the excitement begins! In just over a week, there are over 140 hearts, 55 queues, and 21 project pages for Concerto, and Yarnfeathers has well over 100 new members! What fun!

So who is the gal stirring up all the enthusiasm?

Concerto done 007

Concerto is charted both as a stole and a scarf (Check the Ravelry page to see my test-knitter’s finished scarf.), choice of 6′ or 7′ length, and optional fringe. The original was knit with size 8 needles in Jojoland Melody yarn, and depending on which style you wish to make, requires 2-4 balls. This is a sampler style project with 7 different primary patterns, meaning that newbie lace knitters will experiment with a number of different designs instead of being locked into one big project that is boringly repetitive. The entire stole or scarf is created with just knits, purls, left and right leaning decreases, centered double decrease, and centered eyelets. Since this is set up especially for beginners, I’m posting tutorials as needed during the eight weeks of the event. If you are an experienced lace knitter, you won’t be alone in the group, though. We have a wide range of skill levels represented, and knitters from all around the world. There is no charge to join, and the pattern is currently being offered for free, though after the KAL is over, I’ll be offering it for sale on Ravelry and probably also in my Etsy store. First segment was posted today, Tuesday, Sept 15, 2009, and we’ll be working for the next 8 weeks, so come join us!


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  1. hi coductor of the Concerto… its indeed a fantastic project.. thank you very much for the work you did..Christa from Switzerland….

  2. Gorgeous!! In the land called perfect, I can knit. In the real world, I am a crochet maniac. LOL

  3. […] Symphony Scarf, big sister to the Concerto Stole and Scarf I completed several weeks […]

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