Still Not Ticking

My patience is still apparently being tested by way of my clock project. The good news is that my parts came from Klockit much more quickly than predicted, and everything was beautifully packaged. However, a quick test assembly proved my belief that a wood disk for a dial was definitely too thick for the shaft. After some discussions with online friends, I knew that I needed to find a sheet metal shop, and when I googled and discovered one right here in town, I was thrilled! Thursday I happily exchanged $5 for my custom made, galvanized disk, plotting to finish my clock that evening. Turned out that was “best laid plans…”

The disk had a sharp edge, which I knew would make a quick end to my knitting, so I applied double-fold bias tape around the circumference, using one of my favorite glues, E6000. I figured that since it was photo-safe, it should also be fabric safe.

Clock 001

Once the glue was set, I did another trial fitting – or tried to do one. I don’t have calipers, so the size I’d provided them for the center hole wasn’t accurate. I had to find and employ a file before I could proceed…

Hole enlarged, I eagerly put everything together again, then discovered there was yet another snafu. The construction of the case is such that even with a pendulum mount that is set back 3/4″ from the front of the movement, the pendulum rod still laid against the framework of the lower portion of the case.


My immediate thought was to carve it out, but it’s actually the entire front piece, all the way down to the window, that is so thick, and it would be nearly impossible to do, not to mention that it would possibly damage the integrity of the piece. Of course, by the time I made this discovery, Klockit was closed for the night, so I wasn’t able to talk to anyone about what my options might be, and I didn’t know enough about what I was doing to be able to figure out anything on my own.

Friday the idea came to me to buy a second movement – just an inexpensive one without chimes, but with a pendulum, and mount that in the lower part of the cabinet. Even better, I talked to Karen at Klockit on Saturday, and they actually have an item they call a case for a movement, and although the info isn’t spelled out clearly in the item description, it’s really a little battery operated pendulum drive with no movement! Needless to say, I placed another order with them, and now I’m going to be pacing for the next few days again!


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