Christmas Part 2

Laughing – no, you didn’t miss Part 1, and no, Ive not gone totally around the bend. Computer was in the hospital with a bad case of swine flu a virus when the first part happened, so I’ll have to catch up with it later.

We had our family party (my parents and all of their descendants who could make it) last evening. In recent years, we’ve switched over to a single draw gift, and my parents now give us cash instead of shopping, so these gatherings no longer resemble the wrapping paper orgies of my youth. Opening gifts is now just a small part of the evening that starts with too much dinner and mounds of cookies baked by my talented sister, and ends with board games, which somehow manage to elicit a tremendous amount of shouting and laughter – and an occasional bellow or two.

This year, I drew my nephew’s name, and he had a terribly unexciting list… $25 cash. Only after he turned in his paper did he discover that the dollar limit was actually $40, a fact which produced a piteous plea from him for mercy from his potential gift buyer. Personally, sticking $40 in an envelope and handing it to him just didn’t inspire me. After some thought, I decided to have a bit of fun with him. I engaged my banker daughter to do a bit of shopping for me in the vault of her bank. A wrapped box of fed pennies made for a curious looking gift under the tree – and it weighed so much my 6-year-old niece insisted she couldn’t even lift it. I also found a great money card at Walmart, promising he was going to love his gift this year. When opened, it plays a rousing rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus. I tucked the extra $15 in there and stuck the card in my knitting bag. Frustratingly enough, much of my fun was spoiled. It’s finals week for him, and he couldn’t come home from school to attend the party. Perhaps my imaginings were more fun than the actual presentation would have been anyway…

So, my dad got my name, and he and my mom actually found their way to an alpaca farm local to them, and I have to say that I REALLY liked my gift this year a lot!

The brown is 90/10 Alpaca/Tencel, and unbelievably soft and squishy. It was donated by Rocky, a huacaya alpaca who lives at Cupola Alpaca Farm. The skein has 300 yards of 2 ply yarn, about worsted weight. My hour or so perusing Ravelry for patterns tonight didn’t give me a final decision, but I found a cabled pillow I really liked, and it’s definitely a front runner. Could also do a hat or scarf or bedsocks…

The green is dyed on the farm, and is a delightful gathering of minty shades, a definite pleaser for this lover of green. 🙂 Artie and Oakie both contributed to this skein of 3 ply DK weight yarn, 128 yards long. It’s pure alpaca. I’m wavering between a quant type ear warmer, mitts, or a neckwarmer with this skein.

Last – and perhaps the most surprising to me, as I wasn’t sure my parents even knew I’ve been playing a bit at spinning – there was a “generous 2 oz” ball of Alpaca/Tencel blend roving. Soft and wonderful, but I wish I knew the right name for the color. It’s sort of blonde – or maybe like a half cup of tea with a half cup of milk stirred into it. It will make a wonderful pet until I’m ready to spin it!

I have to say that if this year’s Christmas gifts continue as fantastic as they’ve started, I’m going to feel like a spoiled brat by the end of the year!


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  1. SO Jealous!! Wish I could get my family to realize that the perfect gift for a knitter is fiber or a fiber gift certificate at least!!

  2. Sorry! There is much to be said for lists! My name went into the bowl with just one thing on it – fiber! Paybacks can be tough the next year, so people are generally careful with what they buy. 😉

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