Wuzzing Wonder!

I’ve been thinking about that Christmas song about the wonderful marvelous toy. My newest fiber tool reminded me of it for some reason…

What did I get?

Good question!

A wuzzer!

Whatza wuzzer?

Another good question!

Wuzzing is removing water from wool/fiber/etc. by centrifugal force.  Until now, I built up arm muscles swinging fiber in wild circles around my head, risking what little reputation I still have in this neighborhood, or sometimes I resorted to using the washer, which seems a vast waste of electricity and annoyed the cats, who tend to always be asleep in the laundry room at the wrong time.

F0r a quite a while, now, what I’ve really wanted was a salad spinner. I’d dropped broad hints to relatives who have them sitting unused in back corners of  their kitchens, but they are apparently all sentimentally attached to them – or perhaps they are thinking I will eventually become a fast sock knitter, and they’ll be getting hand knit socks?

I finally found a grand excuse to give up. My younger daughter asked for a Crate & Barrel lamp for Christmas, and that was my ticket! There were several special offers on the site, including a percentage off the total order and free shipping over a certain dollar amount. Though pricey enough, the lamp wasn’t over the magic number, and when I checked the shipping for it, I discovered that the heavy, bulky thing was going to cost close to $20 to ship! Surely I could find something  to bump the order up just enough to ship for free, as I was only about $20 away from that goal. May as well have something in exchange for money I was sending to them anyway, right?

Well, I looked and looked and looked. I have to say that Crate & Barrel has some really wow stuff. Only problem is that pretty much none of  it would look right in my house, and most of what I would was  – well, let’s just say “substantially” – beyond $20. Then I wandered into the kitchen offerings and found “it”… a gorgeous, high tech salad spinner. It was love at first site! Clear sides, pump action spin, stable grip base, smooth and compact storage, thanks to a lock that holds the pump down, and even a brake! Subtracting the free shipping and the order discount, I could own this wonder for less than $8! WOW!!! How long do you think I hesitated? 😉

I used it for the first time last evening, and I’m seriously impressed! I was washing my only wearable pair of hand knit socks (trying not to think about how miserable my feet are in the Wally’s World coverings they were being forced to abide), and actually excited about the process of sock washing just because of the new wuzzer. I squeezed out the water the way I usually do, then put the contraption to the test. I couldn’t believe it! By the time I quit playing with using my new toy tool, there was a half cup of water in the bottom! I’m going to be wearing my socks SO much sooner! Yippee!!!

This will be perfect for dyeing, for spin drying small amounts of washed fiber, socks, scarves, lace, and other small hand wash knits, and would even work for (gasp) non-handknit fine washables – pantyhose and such…

Gotta remember to thank my daughter for requesting that lamp… 🙂


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