Goals Post – A Recap of 2009

What happened to 2009???!!! I remember it seems like just a few weeks ago that I posted my goals for the year, intending to blog monthly updates on my progress. When I found myself halfway through February having not done so, I decided that quarterly probably made more sense. By mid-May, I realized that semi-annually was clearly a more reasonable idea, and by September, I realized the end of the year was so close that it probably didn’t matter if I did an interim post. 😉

Most of the year I thought I was doing a terrible job on completing my goals, but looking at them now, I realize that although I didn’t shine spectacularly, I didn’t do nearly as poorly as I’d thought. Here’s the final tally…

  • Be Debt Free by the End of the Year – Okay, this was definitely a failure in every way – probably my worst, as I think I might be worse off than at the beginning of the year, due to a horrible bout of therapy shopping. That makes it totally my fault. On the other hand, I did take a few steps in the right direction – primarily in the opening of my Etsy store. I’ve been too busy the past 3 months or so, meaning I’ve not been able to get much stocked, but I’ve had a fair number of sales in relationship to how much I’ve listed.
  • Get My Email Under Control – Another failure, though this one doesn’t rest as heavily on my shoulders. I’m also farther behind than at the start of the year, but the busyness and the computer problems were contributing factors.
  • Make a Gail Wilson Kit – Well… Poor, dear little Hitty! I’m still painting pieces – as in first class. I have an oops to repair, and have had a problem finding the time for it. I’m not as comfortable with a paintbrush as I am with knitting needles, so I have to be at my best and have some spare time both. This seldom happened in 2009. I’m farther than I was at the start of the year, but no where near success.
  • Finish Reba – This is a big zero again this year. With no kiln set up and DH not feeling driven to finish the floor in the laundry room… and then the play date that would have resulted in her completion being canceled by the other party involved… She’s no further ahead nor behind…
  • Complete Sewing Room – Not completed by a long shot, but I did get all the shelves painted and loaded, and the mantle is done, plus some smaller bits and pieces. That’s solid forward progress, just not enough of it.
  • Complete Laundry Room – Other than one section of floor tile laid, the windows scraped, and the bougainvillea hung, this went nowhere this year – extremely depressing. DH needs to have a tile cut, and he’s not overly motivated to do it. On the other hand, there are things I could have done in that room, but I didn’t do them either.
  • Lose 25 Pounds – Lost 14 pounds quickly, then didn’t drop another the rest of the year. While that means I didn’t succeed, the really great thing is that I held steady at the lower number, so I’m ahead of where I was last year this time – so a partial triumph on an important goal.
  • Learn to Do Entrelac and Knit Backwards – Since I didn’t say I had to finish the project, this would be a total success. 🙂 I’ve knit far enough on my Autumn Entrelac Shawl to prove I’ve nailed the two techniques, and having learned to knit backwards paid off by making it easy to teach a lefty who showed up at the Knitogethers I hostess at the library. I get a nice star on this goal. 🙂
  • Go Somewhere New – This is the first time in many years that I’ve failed this goal. I actually had 3 different cruises planned at various times, any one of which would have qualified this goal, but each time, the other party involved canceled. With no invites and a lean year financially, I had no place to travel, and other than a couple of visits to a friend in PA, I had a no travel year – rather abnormal for me.
  • Become Comfortable Spinning – Hmmm… No qualifiers on this one either. 😉 I didn’t do what I’d pictured at the beginning of the year, but I’ve played with my spinning a fair bit, and I’m able to produce fairly consistent yarn on my supported spindles finally. I’m definitely pleased with my progress. 🙂
  • Read 100 BooksClick here for current status. Total success, but just under the wire! I thought this was a shoo-in, but all the changes over Christmas week were nearly the death of this one! With hubby’s support, New Year’s Eve saw me listening to the last 4 disks of my 100th book, which I finished just before 10:00 pm – a bit too close for comfort, so far as I’m concerned!
  • Knit Another Pair of Socks – Did it! I don’t think I’ve blogged them, but they are here on Ravelry, finished at the end of September, and I’m wearing them almost constantly. 🙂
  • Stash All My Downstairs Yarn on Ravelry – Well… I didn’t get this one finished, but I did work on it. I had 244 at t he beginning of the year, and 550 now, so I nearly doubled what is done. Lots to go! It would help if yarn didn’t keep wandering into the house…
  • Do a “Difficult” Lace Pattern – It wasn’t what I’d planned to do, but I did qualify to consider this done when I made my three little cobweb lace shawls. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I blogged them either. I’ve not done so well at blogging my knitting this year. 😦
  • Do Something/Anything with my CSM – Qualified this one, too! It wasn’t much, but I’ve knit tubes on my machine now, so I know it’s in working order. I need to spring for some parts and tools before I can do much more, but I’m thrilled to know my machine is functional. 🙂
  • Take Steps Toward Designing Knitting Patterns – Laughing – succeeded on this and then some! I’d say I more than exceeded my expectations. 😀

In my knitting this year, I tallied 12,660 yards of yarn knit – comfortably over 7 miles! This doesn’t count several projects, like Spitzbergen and Beauty’s Song, for instance, as they are difficult to total while in progress. It also doesn’t count the massive amounts of yarn knit into swatches for my design work. Once I started designing, I was startled to see how much my yarn consumption decreased. I never thought about how much longer it takes to knit when you aren’t using someone else’s finished pattern… but slower or not, it’s worth it. 🙂

Things that happened that took me totally by surprise this past year:

  • Being the speaker for the Dayton Knitting Guild in March.
  • Publishing two good knitting patterns and getting 3 more to the point of being just a few hours of work away from being ready to put out.
  • Teaching knitting classes for hire.
  • Hostessing a KAL – and with my own pattern to boot!
  • Having new friendship blossom
  • Having to reconstruct computer files, etc., after being offline 3 weeks due to a computer virus
  • Discovering how difficult it can be to cope emotionally when one daughter experiences a fractured wrist, an earthquake, two armed burglaries, the kidnapping of a church member, and a political coup all within 6 months’ time, and all incurred at a distance that made it impossible for me to do much beyond pray

In the end, it wasn’t a bad year, though it was insanely busy. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2010 has in store for me and for those whose lives are a vital part of my own.

May you have a year filled with many blessings and the eyes to see them all!

Happy New Year!


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