Magic Flute

I had a perfectly lovely day! It didn’t start out that way at all. And for that matter, it also involved a long drive through falling snow at night, so it had a lot going against it. However, the positives condensed into about 5 hours this afternoon rather overwhelmingly outweighed the negatives, providing me with a day I’ll remember for years to come. 🙂

  1. A man waved me ahead of him at the bank when I was running rather late.
  2. I started my second series of lace knitting classes at my LYS (an hour away) teaching students’ choice of Concerto or Symphony to 10 lovely ladies – good company, knitting, teaching, and income all rolled into one!
  3. I got a Subway meatball marinara flatbread for supper – and they had plain Sunchips!
  4. I got my first spontaneous compliment on a handknit shawl from a total stranger – and a potential 11th student at the same time!
  5. When my Goals support buddy (aka dear friend Joy) came up with the brilliant idea of tracking our goals in a pocket planner, I immediately added one to my shopping list to pick up after class. Shortly after walking into my LYS, though, Arlene asked if any of us could use one of the pocket planners she’d been given – and one of them was green, no less!!!
  6. Sharing some support/info/chatter re: CSM’s after class with one of my students who knows FAR more about sock machines than I do, I suddenly found myself totally shocked when she be handed a pair she’d produced, saying I could give them a test run – WOW! (This made me the “victim” of THREE RAK’s in one afternoon!)
  7. And… I got a magic flute!

Okay… It’s not really magic – not the way most people would define that word, at least. For me, though, it’s total magic! You see, I’ve wanted a flute ever since I was 10 years old. I absolutely adored playing the flutophone back in fourth grade. It had been a required class for us, and for me it was a head over heels in love experience. I still l have my (totally unchewed) flutophone, and I’m not above getting it out to play four decades after my last class. I wanted to join the school band and play the flute in the absolutely worst way, come fifth grade, but my parents refused to let me, citing the very non-marchable piano in the living room, which, my mother claimed, would provide me with far more useful skills in the long run. From this side of history, I’m not sure that the skills of learning a very solitary instrument was as advantageous to me as being part of the social structure provided by the school band would have been, and although I still enjoy playing the piano, it’s never been a heart and soul sort of thing for me. I don’t regret my (very limited) piano playing skills, but to this day, I truly feel they should have allowed me a second instrument, especially since the spark of my passion never really waned.

A few years ago, it suddenly dawned on me (duh!), that there wasn’t a reason in the world I couldn’t still learn to play the flute. I’d bought 4 different recorders, a tin whistle, and a Native American flute in the meanwhile, but had somehow relegated my flute to the fantasy file. Then one day I had the opportunity to handle an antique ebony and ivory flute, and  my heart fluttered, fanning the embers of my dream into a full fledged bonfire. After checking the prices, though, I decided I’d best relegate it to my Christmas list.

For three years, it was totally ignored by my entire family. Then, after a third disappointment a week ago, I had another one of those lightbulb moments. Craig’s List + Christmas money! Within minutes, I found one I could afford listed in Dayton, which was convenient, since I was going to be teaching up there again starting this week. A quick phone call to set things up left me sitting and staring dumbly at the calendar, wondering how I was going to bear the 4 day wait until Monday!

Happily, I survived the wait, and between my afternoon and evening classes, I braved the snow and went to complete my very first Craig’s List transaction. Believe me, it was difficult to focus on my students for the second class with my brand new flute laying on the table beside me!

On the other hand, can you believe that Arlene’s husband was in the store helping with inventory, and it turns out he used to play the flute?! After class, he gave me a few pointers to get me started, and with a bit of experimentation tonight after I got home, I managed to play Mary Had a Little Lamb without too many extra squeaks and whistles.

And then I did what any new mother would do. I took pix! I love how the light made it look golden. 🙂

The picture directly above shows why my little finger is now totally exhausted. There sure is a lot for it to do on these three keys!

This is truly my magic flute. It’s made a dream of more than 40 years come true! How much more magical could it be? 😀

As for that New Year’s goal about making music for at least as few minutes each week? Week one – accomplished and logged in my new pocket planner. I had a wonderful day!


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